Feature Script: Untitled Drag Racing Feature, by Jerry Kokich

Title: Untitled Drag Racing Feature

Written by: Jerry Kokich

Longline: An unstable track surface turns the NHRA Top Fuel Finals into the slowest championship in history.

Genre: Auto racing, sports

Type: Screenplay

Feature Film: Untitled Psychological Thriller, by Jerry Kokich

Title: Untitled Psychological Thriller

Written by: Jerry Kokich

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Logline: What if you discovered you were the reincarnation of a murder victim, and the killer was your own Mother?

Type: Feature Film

Action/Sci-Fi Feature Film: NOW, THEN, AND FOREVER, by Jerry Kokich

ACTORTitle: Now, Then and Forever

Written by: Jerry Kokich

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-fi

Logline: What if the villain you’re chasing through Time… is you?

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