ANIMATION Feature Screenplay: RONIN, by John Azzopardi

In a world where humans with abilities are a norm, four Parahuman-Samurai in Feudal Japan, were molded into phenomenal warriors. Suffering a savage betrayal from the hands of one their childhood comrades, they sought revenge. Although, they endured a horrendous path of nightmares, two of the samurai; Akira and Ryuu, became masterless and escaped Japan. They’re recruited by a secret government organization to perform special op missions using their abilities. When one mission links their past to them, the samurai must work with their new allies to overcome their deadly obstacles, leading them closer and closer towards Orochi’s doorstep. Destruction and death follows the swift Samurai wherever they go as they follow the trail left behind by a mysterious league of evil combatants. However, it is not enough to halt the Samurai in their tracks; dead or alive. As they recruit fellow warriors along the way, due to unforeseen situations, their goal is to remain compact until the final mission is accomplished. Although, the young warriors struggle to gel as a team, they reach closer to their target. Akira and Ryuu realize the true weakness of their nemesis, as they had fought alongside them throughout their journey; their strength in unity is at stake when the warriors finally go toe-to-toe with Orochi.


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Writer Biography – John Azzopardi

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I always had a passion for fusing characters I have loved from movies to anime, and colliding them with my own world. Got back into writing after a huge hiatus but rediscovered my passion for writing when I got into film.


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I specialize in mainly Sci-fi and Psychological/Thrillers. Enjoy my stories!