Feature Script: CONTESTANT NUMBER 6, by Misty Manor

Log-line: A fed up club owner looking to permanently remove a down-and-out vagrant teenager from loitering on his property soon realizes that he has been in the presence of musical brilliance.

Set in Dallas Texas, the story is about a young musical genius, Peter Fisher who after experiencing a host of life altering tragic events, loses everything causing him to forfeit faith in himself and humanity. After realizing life on the streets is much harder than anticipated, Peter decides that he wants a fresh start in life choosing to refocus on his creative gifts. When Peter is approached outside of an upscale Piano Bar by the boisterous Club Owner Will Ringo, he is forced to leave the property. But when Peter realizes there is a big contest being held there, he pleads his case to perform, in turn offering the hasty owner a deal he himself cannot refuse. After being given the opportunity to showcase his musical brilliance before an audience. Peter a once dejected and overlooked vagrant, sends shockwaves to all who are a witness, opening doors that he could have never imagined.

Writer’s Notes:

We all have a story. And who we are in life should not always be defined by our external appearance.

For where we are in life is often times due to unanticipated and unfortunate events that are only temporary.

But what we do in this life for others ultimately defines who we are, rarely requiring a grand gesture, which tends to be the necessary component that restores faith and humanity permanently. Judging a book by its cover can be detrimental to our Dreams and our Dreamers.

This Inspirational Drama can be any one of us on any given day. It is a drama that can and will inspire those who are prone to judge prematurely, to perhaps give a second thought before doing so.

I graduated from Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management. I am currently a proud Dallas Police Officer of 11 years who chooses to use her real life experiences not only to entertain, but as story lines to motivate and inspire all to be better human beings. The story of our lives is a detailed script written from our own decisions and actions. How it ends and who we impact, is solely dependent upon our negative or positive uses of them

Female Festival Logline: The Crew, by Misty Manor

893edd1364 posterAfter a group hangout over hookah and drinks prompts Stephen’s best friends to point out a potential red flag in his husbands behavior, an accidental discovery by Stephen sends him into a tailspin while his friends scramble to pick up the pieces.


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