TV Pilot: Oroboro Island, by Oleg Bazylewicz & Karen Buckton

Title:        Oroboro Island
Genre:        Science Fiction
Format: TV series, 10 x 45 min.

Planetary time stream loop explains many of Earth’s greatest myths and

Due to Earth’s extremely unstable tectonics in the 23rd Century, three
time-travel ships are sent back to the late Mesozoic era to gain more
time to study a new form of matter/energy with the hope to find a
solution. The researchers face many challenges as they gradually piece
together complicated timeline patterns of our world they were
completely unaware of.

(1) Oleg Bazylewicz (Ukraine)
PhD – Social & Economic Geography; Natural Resources & Environmental
Protection, Screenplay Writer (feature, documentary, TV)

(2) Karen Buckton (Australia)
Master of Science – Zoology & Genetics
Screenwriting at Australian Film and Television Film School

Project status:
Full screenplay for TV series completed, 10 episodes X 45 pages each,