Feature Film: LOGLINE: MY LIL’ HOMIES ,by Sego Ayah & Joseph A. Hurry

 This is an urban action drama feature-length script.

LOGLINE: MY LIL’ HOMIES is a fast-paced tale of crime, betrayal, revenge and racial tension in the inner city of Detroit when it was the Mecca for black music.

Karl is a young white man who has many black friends who live in the city. This creates problems for Karl’s father, a racist judge who is lured by greed into shady dealings with local drug pushers. Jerry is Karl’s best friend a young boy who grows up to be part of a promising singing group called the Soul Impressions. The story details how the effects of drugs, violence, crooked policemen and the manipulation of criminals thwart the characters’ hopes and dreams. Ken and David lose their lives, as does Karl when he exposes his own father as the mastermind behind a powerful crime syndicate. This is an intriguing character study with stark realism, accessible language and varied assortment of personalities outlined in the text.



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