TV Festival Logline: The Bad Coach, by Sepehr Golmakani

Jacob McFarland is an ordinary, middle- Class Soccer Fan who then becomes a manager through taking advantage of opportunities and achieves big money and great fame little by winning more and more matches. To maintain his status, he resorts to every kind of dirty deed to change the game in his favor.

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  • Genres:
    Drama, Sport
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  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom

TV SHOW: The Man Who Sold the World, by Sepehr Golmakani

in 2009, Ahmad Rezaei is a writer, comedian, and journalist who works in reformist Party newspaper and also supports the candidate for the reformist party in the upcoming presidential election, but after announcing the result and failure of the reformist party and creating a critical atmosphere for the journalist, Ahmad and his family decides to immigrate to the United States. Then Ahmad is involved with some issues that change his life and every member of his family.

Genres:Drama, Black Comedy

Country of Origin:United States

Feature Film: THE TRIP, by Sepehr Golmakani

Title; The Trip
Written By: Sepehr Golmakani

Julia a high school girl, learns that her younger sister has a bowel syndrome disorder and should undergo surgery as soon as possible. She decides to go to Texas with her two friends. But in their road trip, they get involved in some adventures.

Genre: Coming to Age Comedy Drama