LA Festival Short Script: LITERALLY, by Talia Tucker

9703142e34 posterFollows the seemingly random and pointless experiences of two millennial, first-generation American best friends who try to maintain their friendship through modern technology.

Writer Biography – Talia Tucker

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TALIA TUCKER is a writer and poet based out of New Jersey. She has a BA from Rutgers University and a MALS from Loyola University Maryland. She writes and edits freelance and her work has been featured in various online publications as well as in her self-published poetry collection “ADAM”. She has a novella currently being published by Running Wild Press, set to be released in the Fall of 2019. Talia is a proud Jamaican and Korean woman and she dedicates herself to normalizing the stories of silenced populations.


Writer Statement


My writing takes my readers to the darkest, most interesting places of their minds. Fans of my work are encouraged to succumb to their bad habits. Just maybe not all of them.