TV SHOW: IVANHOE, by Vincent Snavely

Title: Ivanhoe

Written By Vincent Snavely

Genre: Coming Of Age Drama/Comedy

Type: TV Pilot/Show

The series would cover the year of 1979, 12 episodes for each month of the year. Two brothers come of age in a very small town in Illinois. Both brothers will see the emergence of punk rock music and will find out how dark and depraved their little town really is.

Feature Script: SKYE, by Vincent Snavely

Title: Skye
Written By Vincent Snavely

Genre: Fantasy

Type: Feature Screenplay

A young teenage woman in 1890 Eyre, Scotland wants to become a Soldier, a Warrior and a Ruler in her Kingdom. Skye is her name and she finds and rescues a baby dragon, becomes estranged with her sister and learns how to be a fighter. She has to help her family overcome the threat of a rival family when her Sister falls in love with one of the enemies.