LA Festival Feature Script: A Compound Love, by Wesley Chambers

F1a2aa6de3 posterA trip to Paris is cut short when Sandy learns of her younger sister’s suicide. After a fruitless search for information, the only person left to investigate is a therapist, Dr Lupino – Sandy books in for a session – as the meeting progresses Sandy reveals her true motivation, setting of a chain of events that will change the lives of all involved.

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Writer Biography – Wesley Chambers

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Wesley Chambers is a South London born, North London raised city kid. As an only child his home life was where he found his passion for film. With no Sibling distractions he voraciously watched any VHS tape found lying in the film cupboard. By the age of 11 his eclectic tastes for the antihero, drama & European art house was cemented by his holy trinity of Batman, Steel Magnolias and The Seventh Seal.

Wesley has various experience from freelancing roles on projects ranging from TV shorts to indie features.

Writer Statement


This is a project looking at PTSD, and how the untreated issues can harm those dealing with the symptoms. There are also elements that highlight the current topical issues of the societal mistreatment of women in patriarchal Britain today.
I hope to create a gripping parable that can be appreciated for its narrative alone or enjoyed when the subtext is explored.