Movie Trailer: The Auxiliary Verb, directed by Ajijul Hasan Munna

It’s a common life story of child worker, every child worker faced many issues in society. But They Can tackle this situation. In This Documentary film we’ll tell about a Auto-bike helper who is a child.


Director Biography – Md. Ajijul Hasan Munna

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Date of Birth- 30/10/1999
Birth Place- Maheshpur, Jhenaidah, Bangladesh.
Father- Md. Azad Hossain.
Mother- Mst. Shirina Shabnam Jharna.
Education- UG ( Running )
Qualification based in- Film Making, Editing, Writing & Cinematography also.

Director Statement

I’m Ajijul Hasan Munna | Alias: Surzo
I’m a student of film. My Project ” The Auxiliary Verb ” is now going on

Ajijul Hasan Munna