SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Dream City, by Andrew S. Fisk

Type: Feature

Dream City… twenty million people live in this metropolis, surrounded by the dangerous waters of Storm River. Five million have been exiled to The Shadow. An urban nightmare of gangs, drugs and crime. The Nighthawks gang rules The Shadow where they produce the powerful addictive drug Soma Blue.
The Nighthawks attack the small rural town of Angel Falls and kill several people. Amy Christensen, a quiet eighteen year old girl from Angel Falls, swears vengeance. She moves to The Shadow and infiltrates the Nighthawks. A loner and outsider, she finds acceptance from the gang and becomes the love interest of their infamous leader.
Amy destroys the supply of Soma Blue using commando tactics taught learned from her father. He trained her to survive in any situation When her deception is discovered, she and the Nighthawks leader fight their final battle on the bridge over Storm River.

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Feature Script: Dream City, by Andrew S. Fisk

Title of Story: Dream City

Written by: Andrew S. Fisk

Logline: When a criminal gang from Dream City attacks her hometown, an eighteen-year girl from the Heartland
infiltrates them to get revenge. But she becomes loyal to the gang she wanted to destroy…and its charismatic leader.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Coming of Age

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 2028790