Feature Film: BLACK COLLAR by James Samuel

TITLE: “Black Collar”

FORMAT: Drama series

LOG LINE: With little to no resources, a couple of young African Americans figure out a way to make significant amounts of money without robbing or killing, they actually use their brains to figure out grey
areas and loop holes to beat the system.

PITCH: Black Collar is about a young man who had a promising football career get derailed by the streets and with vivid detail show the journey he takes.


Most urban dramas reduce the ambitions of young African American males to either drug dealing, sports, or entertainment. This one is different.

Black Collar tells the story of Yase “Dittle” James, a former college football star who loses his scholarship after hanging with the wrong crowd. One thing leads to another, and soon after, he stumbles into a life of white collar crime to pay the bills. Dittle is fundamentally against violence and drug dealing, but he’s determined to use his mind to outsmart the system that’s held him and his family back his whole life.

He comes up with a plan, and gradually recruits a crew that grows into a small, but organized
network of people from all walks of society. All looking to beat an unfair system, regain what they’ve lost, or change their situations for the better. In a short matter of time, Dittle’s intelligence, street-smarts, and charisma stabilizes into a low key, six-figure street operation. To some he would seem to be happy and living a hustler’s dream, but he’s not.

In addition to providing for his girlfriend and their son, Dittle maintains households for several
other children he’s fathered with other women. He’s also taken on financial responsibility for his mother, his sister and her children, and to a lesser degree, his closest friends and their families. Life in the fast lane is non-stop pressure and problems, but he can’t stop now. There’s too many people depending on him, and way too much at stake.

It’s not long before the stress of juggling shady business dealings and a complicated personal
life begins to take it’s toll on Dittle. At the same time, jealousy and greed are slowly turning
people around him into enemies. Who can he really trust these days? The triple life he’s living is
finally starting to catch up with him, and his instincts are telling him to cash out while he’s still ahead.

So Yase decides to make some changes for the better, and comes up with a brand new plan…

To go legitimate and pursue his real dream…

Becoming a full time entrepreneur in the fashion

And not a moment to soon! Or is it already too late and he just doesn’t know it yet?

By James Samuel

Feature Film: SMARTER NOT HARDER by Ryan Allsop

The murky past of a hotheaded professional baseball player resurfaces when the release of his genius brother from prison causes him to spiral downhill, jeopardizing his career, family, and sanity.


Writer Biography – Ryan Allsop

F1e8ba8d54 headshot

After dropping out of BYU, quitting the Mormon faith, and becoming the black sheep of the family by going to film school at UW-Milwaukee, I spent a summer in Los Angeles working as an intern at EUE/Sokolow Entertainment. After graduating with a BFA in Film at UW-Milwaukee, I have since written several commercial spots and 3 feature spec scripts. In addition, I have written and directed multiple short films that have been accepted into dozens of festivals and won multiple awards.


Writer Statement


I’m a focused and tenacious screenwriter. Experienced in writing dramatic scripts based on true stories as well as ridiculous comedies. I tend to be drawn towards family stories since I grew up in such a large family myself. At the end of the day, I love to tell stories.

Feature Film: PROM DATE, by Joel Weiss

Title of Story: Prom Date

Written by: Joel Weiss

Logline: When a descendant of Lizzie Borden is dumped by her prom date, and teased by some nasty female classmates, she decides to take an axe and follow in her family footsteps.

Genre: Psychological Horror
Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: COMPROMISE, by Mike W. Rogers


By Mike W. Rogers

A heat wave in the city always causes the death rate to rise. But when murder reaches the suburbs, two inner-city female detectives will investigate a missing middle-class family and the carnage they left in their wake.



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Feature Film: SMART, by Adnane Laala

Smart , the computer virus, reaches a computer to steal some confidential data, but to his great surprise, no program pays attention to him. Indeed , the programs are exhausted, due to the permanent pressure and excessive control exercised by the Antivirus . This one blocked also all their updates for EXTREME security reasons . So the Cursor (a female character) convinces Smart to change his original purpose and join her team to fight against these harsh methods . Each program will participate to stop this “injustice” !

NB : The whole story is hilarious , all for a spectacular and unexpected end ! It’s also an original concept which brings the audience close to the digital world .

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Feature Film: RAINBOWS AND SILVER BUCKLES, by Stuart Schultz



LOGLINE: A framed story in which an indefatigable pioneer couple chase life’s rainbows while living on an enchanted island in Alaska during the harshness of the early 20th century.




WRITER REMARK: There really was a legendary Joe and Muz. The outer story is based on true facts also.

The fantasy is the writer’s input.
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Feature Screenplay: The Venus Syndrome, by Lynn Vincentnathan

Title of Story: The Venus Syndrome

Written by: Lynn Vincentnathan

Logline: A Special Ops soldier from the future in which the Earth is on the brink of the Venus syndrome — life-annihilating global warming — travels back in time to assassinate the American president whose policies started the unstoppable devastation, hoping to save the world and his son from dying.

Genre: Science Fiction; political thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1916256

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