Feature Script: THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT FINCH, by Talisha Elger

Title of Story: There’s Something About Finch Written by: Talisha Elger Logline: Memories of a young boy’s past begin to surface when he witness a crime committed in a small town by two strange men. Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama Type: Feature Screenplay WGA Registration Number: (if applicable)– 1894600

Feature Film: America for Sale or Russian Gambit by Aleks Kontr

America for Sale or Russian Gambit Synopsis Based on true events Logline: The wave of Russian money—the allure of prime American real estate… an unbreakable connection and a true story like no other! Tagline: Wealthy Russian oligarchs, a hotel with glass walls, voyeurs, narcissists, a brothel posing as a 5-star hotel, an Eastern European sex… Continue reading Feature Film: America for Sale or Russian Gambit by Aleks Kontr

January 2018 Top Feature Screenplays

Read the best feature script loglines of January 2018:  Feature Film: SOUTHSIDE by Benny Jean-Baptiste https://storypitches.com/2019/01/08/feature-film-southside-by-benny-jean-baptiste/ Comedy Feature Film: AFTER YOU by Renton Méndez https://storypitches.com/2019/01/08/comedy-feature-film-after-you-by-renton-mendez/ Feature Film: THE WORLD’S END by Sepehr Golmakani https://storypitches.com/2019/01/08/feature-film-the-worlds-end-by-sepehr-golmakani/ Feature Film: GOLD CADILLAC by Rick Eager https://storypitches.com/2019/01/06/feature-film-gold-cadillac-by-rick-eager/ Feature Film: IT’S IN HER BLOOD by Curtis Larade https://storypitches.com/2019/01/06/feature-film-its-in-her-blood-by-curtis-larade/ Feature Film: FRIENDS… Continue reading January 2018 Top Feature Screenplays

Feature Film: FRIENDS LIST by Rob Watson

Title:              FRIENDS LIST Written by:     ROB WATSON Logline:          A vicious psychopath targets his victims in the order in which they appear on a troubled young woman’s social network’s Friends List. Genre:            THRILLER/HORROR/SUSPENSE/MYSTERY Type:              FEATURE SCREENPLAY US Copyright PAu-3-433-387 Novel trailer: https://youtu.be/_2BSG88HO20

Feature Film: GOD IS NOT PURPLE by Matt Pacini

Title: God Is Not Purple (Or how I survived puberty and four days on a raft on the Mississippi River) Written by: Matt Pacini Logline: In 1983, five kids, ages 10 – 16 run away from home, take a raft down the Mississippi to New Orleans, and learn more about themselves than they’d ever thought… Continue reading Feature Film: GOD IS NOT PURPLE by Matt Pacini

Feature Film: BLACK COLLAR by James Samuel

TITLE: “Black Collar” FORMAT: Drama series LOG LINE: With little to no resources, a couple of young African Americans figure out a way to make significant amounts of money without robbing or killing, they actually use their brains to figure out grey areas and loop holes to beat the system. PITCH: Black Collar is about… Continue reading Feature Film: BLACK COLLAR by James Samuel

Feature Film: The Terror of Dr. Zin by Alan Rosenfeld

Jonny Quest: The Terror of Dr. Zin Written by: Alan Rosenfeld Logline: “When a madman attempts to destroy Apollo 11, a courageous clever young man and his family must outwit their old nemesis to save the rocket and heal family wounds”. Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Type: Feature Screenplay WGA Registration Number: 1949768