VIDEO PITCH: In-Plainview, by Ken Belsky

Title of Story: In-Plainview
Written by: Ken Belsky

Three desperately out of work young women reluctantly seize upon

a last chance for success which ignites major conflicts in their personal lives and inflames a volatile community surrounding them.

Genre: Female-Centric, Drama, Romance
Type: Ltd. Mini-Series / TV Pilot
WGA Registration Number: 18666369

Feature Script: PROJECT RASKOVA, by Brooke Elowe


Written by: Brooke Elowe


With a personal vendetta, unprecedented technology, and a teenager’s life on the line, a CIA spy hunts for Russia’s most notorious weapons developer to extract a breakthrough neurological implant before it self-destructs.

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Spy-Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: GOLD CADILLAC by Rick Eager

Gold Cadillac is a new, original screenplay…

Logline: A unique anthology of eccentric 1941 Cadillac owners, against an American historical backdrop, in a prosperous WWII Detroit, falling from riches to modern ruin.

Feature Film: KETURAH’S SONG by S. Denice Newton

Title of Story: Keturah’s Song

Written by: S. Denice Newton

Logline: Humanity’s last hope against the ever-increasing Darkness comes when Light is reborn as a human child. Dark forces of the Underworld prepare for war.

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Urban

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: SMARTER NOT HARDER by Ryan Allsop

The murky past of a hotheaded professional baseball player resurfaces when the release of his genius brother from prison causes him to spiral downhill, jeopardizing his career, family, and sanity.


Writer Biography – Ryan Allsop

F1e8ba8d54 headshot

After dropping out of BYU, quitting the Mormon faith, and becoming the black sheep of the family by going to film school at UW-Milwaukee, I spent a summer in Los Angeles working as an intern at EUE/Sokolow Entertainment. After graduating with a BFA in Film at UW-Milwaukee, I have since written several commercial spots and 3 feature spec scripts. In addition, I have written and directed multiple short films that have been accepted into dozens of festivals and won multiple awards.


Writer Statement


I’m a focused and tenacious screenwriter. Experienced in writing dramatic scripts based on true stories as well as ridiculous comedies. I tend to be drawn towards family stories since I grew up in such a large family myself. At the end of the day, I love to tell stories.

Feature Film: PROM DATE, by Joel Weiss

Title of Story: Prom Date

Written by: Joel Weiss

Logline: When a descendant of Lizzie Borden is dumped by her prom date, and teased by some nasty female classmates, she decides to take an axe and follow in her family footsteps.

Genre: Psychological Horror
Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: Container, by Mike W. Rogers

Title : Container

Writer: Mike W. Rogers

Type: Feature, Supernatural Thriller

Logline: A young man on the run from prosecution must travel in the back of a container truck over the boarder between the United States and Mexico, so to attend the funeral of his father.

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Feature Film: The Immortal Jack the Ripper, by Phillip E. Hardy

Title of Story: The Immortal Jack the Ripper

Written by: Phillip E. Hardy

Logline: A rich young physician accidentally enters a pact with a voodoo God, who demands payment in blood in exchange for immortality, which transforms the doctor from unwilling participant to unrepentant monster.  


Genre: Horror, drama, thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: Registered with Office of Copyrights



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