A young office worker jeopardizes his career and love life when he begins to take on the persona of his favorite movie monster, Godzilla.

Writer Biography – ANTHONY AROYA


I’m a writer of screenplays, children’s fiction, created comic strips, blogs. My crowning achievement was having the first play I ever wrote performed off-Broadway in a competition years ago. We didn’t win, but oh, the experience was forever life changing. Speaking of change I’m a New Yorker. Nowhere on earth changes faster than this place on a monthly basis. We just roll with. Here’s to all the parks, library steps and train stations where I get my creative inspiration. I always say that being a writer is the world’s greatest super power. It’s flying without the benefit of having wings. We’ll see where I land.

Writer Statement

I think that short films have so much potential. Imagine, a culture where we “still” leave the house and actually go out into the sun, walk, breath fresh air and go to watch a movie in a real theater in this digital download everything age, but also have the ability to watch short films from the comfort of our home through a digital platform. All that’s missing is the investors willing to fund such an endeavor. It can work. All it takes is a little belief in really good writing.