Feature Film: I Hear Voices, by Joe Leone

Life has been somewhat frustrating for Vin. Being diagnosed with schizophrenia and locked in a mental institution can do that to a person. Yet Vin’s biggest gripe is that he is not actually insane. The voices that he hears are not just in his head, but rather the taunts of unseen ghosts. Evil spirits have been trying to coax Vin to commit vile acts for them for the duration of his life. After innumerable attempts to quell these tormenters, Vin is about ready to throw in the towel. Yet when he receives a visit from his younger sister, the only person Vin has any love for, everything changes. Alexis has begun to exhibit signs of having the same “gift” as Vin. With fully reinvigorated motivation, he becomes determined to stop the voices for once and for all.

In his new quest, Vin encounters two very intriguing fellow patients: Delilah, a bizarre, ethereal beauty who becomes romantically interested in Vin, and Randolf, a wise-cracking Southerner who may actually possess the answer to stopping the specters. After a trial run, Vin is convinced that Randolf’s method works, inspiring him to devise a plan to gain freedom from the institution. For the first time in 28 years, things are going smoothly for Vin.

Yet upon Vin’s arrival home, things take a traumatic turn for the worse. A spirit so powerful that it can physically move Vin and his sister presents itself. The mystery of this ghost’s identity and motives seems linked to something hidden deep in Delilah’s past. Will Vin be able to stop this malevolent force from turning his biggest fear into a reality; driving him and Alexis truly insane?

Writer Biography

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Joe Leone hails from Westchester County, NY, and resides in Brooklyn. He graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in theater arts. He has written over two dozen feature screenplays, including two comedies for Triangle Entertainment. Currently in production/pre-production are Meant to Be Broken (DC Dogs), Rio Urban Legend: Witch’s Moon (EVP Films), Layers of Lies (Sonram Productions), Scherbo (Ekstasy Films), Underground (LuminouStudios) and American Dream (Dev Pinn Productions). Joe is also a copywriter at New York magazine.


Writer Statement

This story has an utterly unique premise and some remarkably cool twists and turns. Overall, it is more psychologically disturbing than anything else. All set primarily in one large location (90% of the action is in a mental hospital), so would be easy to film on a very modest budget.