Short Film Pitch: THE GIRL AND THE MASK, Director Maria S Segura

Ac0294ddf0 posterOur Society is on the merge of collapsing and now the American Government has unified with other countries to take complete control of Humanity to prevent the end of days.

Director Biography

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First time Filmmaker. Combining my Art, Art Photography, Writing and whatever resources I have to tell stories and create film of all genres.

Director Statement

I have always had a vision to combine my work into film. While participating in the Assistant Directors Program at the Reno Little Theater, one of the opportunities given was to direct a play which would showcase at the end of the year.

I decided on Directing one of my own works, “The Girl and the Mask,” which had been sitting in the Document file of my Mac computer.

At first, my plan for this Short Film was to incorporate a half live stage and half film. I was on a deadline and realized this vision would be impossible.

In the end, I decided a Short Film was the way to go but I faced some obstacles. For one, I have never created a Short Film before. I didn’t know how to use Camera equipment, edit and let alone how to put it all together so the film would make sense.

I was faced with a dilemma.

Then one night, I looked at my smartphone. That’s when I decided I would shoot my Short Film using my smartphone.

I uploaded an application for Video and saved all my Photos and Video on Google photos to prevent my phone from crashing. But, I also needed other equipment so I made my own boom mic. I used one of my mops with a plastic handle, drilled some holes and ran the mic cable through the hollow handle. I tested it and it worked!

I was set. I had my Cast, my smartphone, my boom mic, costumes, locations for filming and my Mac Computer for editing.

For music, I incorporated two piano pieces I had composed 6 months before and three short songs I wrote while staying for a Teaching/Artist-in-Residence at Saint Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City, NV.

I scheduled an appointment at a local Recording Studio and recorded music for “The Girl and the Mask.”

My Short Film was coming to life and one night…I was done. ” The Girl and the Mask,” An Experimental Artistic Sci-Fi Short Film was complete.

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  • The Girl and the Mask – PDF, Screenplay