Top Short Script Pitches for August 2019

ANIMATION Short Script: The Samaritan, by Ronnie Henry

LA Festival Short Script: Ferzad, by Fatih Güneş

LA Festival Short Script: MYTHICAL HISTORY, by Cecilia Michelangeli

Short Script: BANANA REPUBLIC, by Emmanuel Orleans-lindsay

Short Script: MATEO, by Lionel. J. Scott

Short Story: THE BOY WELLINGTON, by Frank Ejere

Top Feature Script Pitches for August 2019

Feature Script: THIRTEEN UNSEEN, by Angela McCollin—

Feature Script: Perfect Species, by Konstantin Selivan

Feature Script: STARK, by Andres Benatar

Feature Script: Butcher’s Daughter, by Gabil Sultanov

Feature Script: LITTLE SISTER, by Javier Mera Sevilla

Feature Script: WHISPERS IN THE WIND, by Bille Harris

Feature Script: Sins of My Father, by Jane Therese

LA Festival Feature Script: EYES OF A SWAMI, by Kim Renner

LA Festival Feature Script: THE LAPDOG, by Christopher Leong

LA Festival Feature Script: Under the Rose, by Jude Quintiere

LA Festival Feature Script: Stabiliti, by Goutham Kanade

LA Festival Feature Script: HUSTLE THE EAST, by Stu Glauberman

LA Festival Feature Script: South Pasadena High School The Movie, by Ameen Makanvand

LA Festival Feature Script: #<3 4ever, by Sandra Becerril

LA Festival Feature Script: Withdrawal, by Valerie Miller

LA Festival Feature Script: Good Movie In The Luck Business, by Dylan Stagno

LA Festival Feature Script: THE VIRGIN CAR THIEF, by Bruce Hickey

LA Festival Feature Script: Butterfly’s feather passerby, by Narjes

ANIMATION Feature Script: FREE YOURSELF, by Kelly LaCombe

LGBT Festival Short Script; INTEGRATION, by Chris Fischer

Remedy’s behavior is incompatible with the social structure of a future oppressed by technology. She has unfocused visions from her past during her morning ritual and is interrupted by a call to meet with Cleo – her boss and a powerful Advertising Executive for CHAPEL INDUSTRIES.



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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
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ANIMATION Feature Script: FREE YOURSELF, by Kelly LaCombe

Eee59581bc posterA drama, based on a true story, about a young woman from a broken foundation who is on a Hero’s Journey to transform herself between 1970-1990; a transformation she was told she would not be able to make.


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Writer Biography – Kelly LaCombe

445fffeabf headshot

University of Washington graduate, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I studied photography, graphic design, acting and film history, after getting a B.A. as an English major. I write lyrics and poetry, script and short stories.

Writer Statement

I like to dive deep…using my Scorpio power to uncover the depths of people. I like to express with multi media…music, poetry, images. Free Yourself based on a true story and a period piece so I have used the actual songs in the script and they are very important to the mood and meaning of the film. My goal is transformation…to uncover something the viewer didn’t know about themselves…or spark desire to express themselves. To inspire someone to love or create…is the greatest honor and my mission.

ANIMATION Short Script: The Samaritan, by Ronnie Henry

3bb1b88380 posterA man learns something extraordinary about himself after a devastating train accident. An office clerk is on his way home from work when the train suddenly derails and crashes. He cauterises the wounds and attempts to get out of the underground whilst leading a young girl who makes him realise his true purpose of living.


Writer Biography – Ronnie Henry

Bd56a80974 headshot

I am a freelancer video producer and photographer who loves film and creating a good story at the same time. My main ambition is to become either a film writer/director/editor because all aspects of media are huge personal passions of mine. This is why I have decided to combine my love for stories and the art medium of film in order to make my own amazing stories. He also runs a in-house production company/service called Fusion Media House productions which specialises in graphics and media.


Writer Statement


My greatest passion is art as I believe all aspects of the media industry give us the ability to express ourselves in a creative and positive way. The technical and business sides are very appealing as it would enable me to develop a worthwhile career in the entertainment industry. I know the art of filmmaking will demand a lot from me and I believe I can maintain high standards in my work. My aim is to work in the film industry, more specifically directing and editing. I see it as a new media form which is relevant to today’s society and worthy of study.

ANIMATION TV Pilot: Koko and Friends: Born to Play, Destined to Win!, by Clara West

63655a7eff posterKoko and his cousins are a 21st century family of precocious grade-school bugs who confront bullying and the stigmas of being from “the wrong side of the tracks” while pursuing their dreams of becoming all-star basketball players. Koko is an acronym for “Keep On Keeping On!” It’s Arthur meets A Bug’s Life with a semi-Space Jam twist.

Once the boys hatch from their eggs, they are greeted by their grandfather-coach, who reveals to them their destinies to play basketball. Eager to get started, the young bugs set out on a journey through the house seeking other teams to play. Their adventure is riddled with amazement, danger, and excitement as they encounter spiders that want to eat them, ants who try to beat them, ladybugs that are rude, silverfish that think they are crude, and skateboarding flies that pellet them with breadcrumbs! All because, according to the other house bugs, they live in the “least desirable” place in the house–under the water heater in the laundry room. Discouraged, they return home.

Their grandfather helps them deal with their bruised feelings, tells them about their legacy, and reveals the survival skills they were born with. They meet their aunt and basketball playing girl cousins. These young bugs are neither superheroes nor do they possess superpowers. They are underdogs desiring to “fit in”. They learn the value of family, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and perseverance—never, ever give up!


Writer Biography – Clara Denise West, Ph.D., Charla Jamille Maclin

1de2fde2ce headshot

Clara Denise West, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, is the creator and owner of the Koko and Friends characters and the Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Koko and Friends Products, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY. She also is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Koko and Friends Foundation, Inc. She is a retired systems test engineer and a former school teacher. West holds a Ph.D. degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She earned Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Business and Security Management from Webster University. Moreover, she received Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the University of Memphis.

West is a former engineer with the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. When her daughter was 8 years old, she attempted suicide due to bullying. West was unable to find age-appropriate resources to help her deal with her feelings of fear, shame, loneliness, helplessness and hopelessness. In desperation, she began making up stories about a family of young bugs, Koko and his cousins, who were being picked on the “cool” bugs in their house. Because her daughter connected emotionally with the characters, West was able to enter her world, see things through her eyes and create “underdog” stories to equip her with survival skills. Koko, an acronym for “Keep On Keeping On!”, means— Never, ever, give up! Thus, the Koko and Friends project was birthed.

West is the creator of the Koko and Friends Anthropomorphic Characters and product line; the PreK-12 Koko and Friends Anti-bullying Program; and the Last Straw “You Can’t Break Me!” Campaign. The Koko and Friends Project has a social message that is universal across all cultures and socio-economic classes. The characters are representative of typical 21st century youth who learn life-lessons through their daily experiences and new adventures. The young bugs learn character-building principles and values as well as develop life-long decision-making skills. West is the author of Koko and Friends: Born to Play – Destined to Win!, Koko and Friends: Friends??? Oh, Really!!!; The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together; and Standing Strong. She is the creator of the Koko and Friends Anti-bullying Program and a co-developer of the Wise Up! Law and Order curriculums. She is also the creative force behind the Check Up!, Check This Out! and Check Point series for elementary school students; the Reality Check for Teens © booklets for middle and high school students – Gangs; Gun Violence; Teen Pregnancy for Guys; Teen Pregnancy for Girls; Dating Violence for Victims; Dating Violence for Abusers; The Race Talk—Racial Profiling; Sexting and Sextortion,; and Risky Sexual Behavior.


Writer Statement


“Introducing the Koko and Friends characters to young children through an animated TV series is a catalyst for awareness, prevention, and change through positive messages while modeling problem-solving, coping, and self-regulation skills. Ultimately, it’s about saving lives.”

TV Festival Logline: Breadcrumbs, by Casara Clark

Ca756fca0b posterA female-driven MEMENTO meets UNREAL about a woman with 15 years of missing memory who can either accept a new picture-perfect life (as wrong as it feels) or follow the breadcrumbs towards something new and provoke the demons she can’t remember.


Writer – Casara Clark