NOVEL: CURRENTS OF SIN, by Arleen Alleman

Title of Story: Currents of Sin

Written by: Arleen Alleman

Logline: A contemporary mystery about a caring but compulsive woman who while searching for a lost teen in Las Vegas encounters the horrors of homelessness, human trafficking, and gang violence, eventually finding personal closure and uplifting redemption.

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery

Type: Novel

Novel: DESERT ROCK by Scott Meehan

Title of Story: Desert Rock

Written by: Scott Meehan

Logline: “When a mysterious girl gives Major David Allan a crystal marble during the Iraqi war, he is the only survivor of a downed military aircraft and finds himself waking up from a three-month coma…back in 1991.”

Genre: Time Travel, Fantasy, History, Sci-Fi, Thriller.

Type: Novel

Novel: GABRIEL’S FIRE by P.A. Brown

Title of Story: Gabriel’s Fire

Written by: P.A. Brown

Logline: When a rash encounter with a local gang banger results in a
woman’s death and the killers are acquitted, her son teams up with a
gay cop to avenge the brutal death at any price.

Genre: Gay Romantic Suspense

Type: novel

Pat Brown

Having a soft heart in a hard world is courage, not weakness

Novel: The Uphill Hike, by Terezia Kontova

It is about a pentamerous children’s group who decided to take a common uphill hike, behind their home town. The adventure changes into a weird experience when the children realize that from a certain moment of their trip, the length of the hill above them and the length of the hill bellow them remain the same long, whether they walk or stand. They start experiencing many wonderful affairs and facing many obstacles which are mystic and miraculous. They learn a lot about themselves and their families. Many secrets are revealed, many blocks are broken and many mistakes are corrected. In order to walk down the hill, back home. But what is their home? And where are their families? What happened in their home town has much to do with what happened on the hill.

Genre: Young Adults Fantasy

Novel: HARMONY ROAD, by Natalie Sagecrow

Title of Story: Harmony Road

Written by: Natalie Sagecrow

Genre: Multicultural Lesbian/Bi Paranormal Romance

Logline: She never knew the truth behind the birth of my town, yet Regina Carter, believed that my twin brother Trent died in a vain attempt to escape from his drug addiction. That is, until his ex partner Karen Gillespie came to her for help, revealing that Trent’s suicide was no without dark reasons….

Type: Novel

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NOVEL: Half Past Monday, by M. Erpenbeck

ACTORTitle: Half Past Monday

Written by: M. Erpenbeck


Genre: Legal Thriller

Logline: Half Past Monday is a legal thriller ​about a well-meaning doctor ​who ​​reversed the chain of events preceding his only child’s murder, and in the process unwittingly places his entire family’s future at risk.

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