NOVEMBER 2019 – Read the best of FEATURE SCRIPT pitches from around the world:

LA Festival Feature Script: The Music Man and The Music Man:Other Dimensions, by Moonyani Write

LA Festival Feature Script: North Country Boy, by Jonathan Mackenzie

LA Festival Feature Script: A Brooklyn Christmas, by Drew Henriksen, Anthony Mangano

1st Scene Feature Script: The Passing Play, by Firat Ersen

1st Scene Festival: Mandragora, by Adonis de la Cruz Vásquez

Feature Script: AN AMERICAN WOMAN, by William D. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Feature Script: BRIDES OF JESUS, by Joe Bartone

Feature Script: THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT FINCH, by Talisha Elger

LA Festival Script: The Run Around, by Alex Leopardi, Jovanny Alfonso

LA Festival Script: The Flip, by D. Sidney Potter

LA Festival Script: Along the Way, by Alex Leopardi

LA Festival Script: Border Flesh, by Pepe García Gilling

LA Festival Feature Script: ABANDONWITCH, by Sarah K Watson

LA Festival Feature Script: Adam and E.V.E., by Malcolm Carter

Feature Script: Cleopatra’s Revenge, by Robert Marshall Tartell