NOVEMBER 2019 – Read the best of TV SHOW SCRIPT pitches from around the world:

LA Festival TV SHOW: Fame-Thirsty, by Gabriel Molnar

TV PILOT: My life is not in a box don’t get it twisted, by Antonia Jackson

TV PILOT: The Mobsters Boss, by Dana Olita

TV PILOT: The Creeper’s Lounge, by Steven Stark

TV PILOT: Change Begins With A Whisper, by Patricia Williams

TV PILOT: Goodfella Pizza, by Drew Henriksen, Anthony Mangano

TV PILOT: Kali’s Children, by Sarah K Watson

TV PILOT: Brimstone, by Jake Wieners

TV Pilot: Blair Hills, by D. Sidney Potter

Female Festival TV Script: CHASING CHAOS, by Mary Anthony

TV Show: Kamden Krest, by Melody Lucas

TV Show: BLIND DETECTIVE, by Jerry Sammers

TV Show: The Misadventures of Joe Bliss, by Ron Hewski