SCRIPT TRAILER: Silver Skull Creek, by Ryan Gallant


Redemption… or Damnation?

When ranch-hand and former city slicker Ben Marsh’s fiance is kidnapped by a cutthroat gang of outlaws under the thrall of an ancient, blood-sucking evil, he must reluctantly join forces with the gang’s ousted leader, Curtis Rodriguez, to hunt down the band and rescue his beloved.

As Ben and Curtis doggedly pursue their quarry west across unforgiving Colorado countryside, the two men will be tested to their breaking point by each other AND their enemy.

When pitted against the ultimate evil that corrupts and brings out the worst in humanity, how far will these two unlikely allies be willing to go for love and revenge?

Is damnation inevitable for the young and naive Ben, who may have to sacrifice his soul for the sake of love before all is said and done?

Is redemption even possible for the jaded Curtis, a ruthless man who’s spent a lifetime selfishly killing and plundering?

Whether there will be redemption or damnation in the end… there WILL be blood.

SCRIPT TRAILER: The Loneliest Man In The Universe, by Mohammad Al Onaizi



Type of screenplay: FEATURE

LOGLINE: Former NASA scientist, turned Astronomy teacher Cory Fox , returns to his former employers with the idea of embarking on the world’s first one way manned mission into space, on his own.

Tagline: One Man, One Mission, One Way

Summary of script:
When former NASA scientist turned High school Astronomy teacher Cory Fox is diagnosed with a tumor, he quits teaching. He goes to the Kennedy Space Center and runs into an old colleague, Collins, and tells him he wants to go on the Jupiter Mission, a one-way mission to study Jupiter’s moon Europa. Cory convinces his father that he wants to do this mission, telling him that he’s the loneliest Man in the universe after he lost the love of his life, Laura. Cory makes a bucket list and goes on a date with Hollywood’s biggest star, Katia Mohren. Days before the launch, Cory falls and is sick, so NASA Director Patrick calls off the mission. Katia motivates Cory to not give up, and he returns again with her and his former students and Cory confronts Patrick to let him go. When Cory is supposed to launch the pods, he passes out and has to circle Europa to try again. NASA decides to work with the Russians to use their satellite to reach Cory. Cory gets the pods to release, jumps in his pod, and without him knowing, the crew had automatically set the escape pod to return home, and they never told him because they feared that it will not work. As he reenters the Earth, his chute has problems, but then it finally opens. After all the NASA staff agree to give Cory their titles, he passes away.

SCRIPT MOVIE: Magnificent Mid Century Met, by Nicole De Sapio

Singers at the post-WWII Metropolitan Opera House face artistic and personal challenges amid cultural and social changes.

Narration: Allison Kampf
ROBERT: Manny Pacheco
ABE: Geoff Mays
SECRETARY: Danielle Nicole

Visual Design & Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Screenplay Movie: Lana’s World, by Lizanne Southgate

Editor & Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Narrator: Manny Pacheco
LANA: Lindy Thurrell
MALE 1 – Steve Rizzo
MALE 2 – Matt Barnes

Synopsis for excerpt – Lana’s World

14 year old LANA has survived the quakes that destroyed the region, the apparent loss of both her parents and finally, the loss of her sister. Now only her manically active imagination keeps her sane as she and her grumpy dog scavenge food, hide from human predators and dodge the monsters that appeared after the quakes.

Through it all, Lana refuses to give up, so when she and Rocky are in the park preparing to hide for the night, Lana is still creating ridiculous advertisements in her mind.

Even when two predatory men stalking her find her hideout later, Lana is not going down without a fight.

And when she looks over at the next tree and sees another person hiding (JAKE) Lana dares to hope for a friend or an ally.

Then one of the mysterious monsters appears below and destroys both stalkers, an event which terrifies Lana but allows her to survive.

But when she looks over again, Jake is gone.

Lana is alone. Again. Still.

And she just can’t take anymore.