LA Festival Short Film: Clairvoyant, by Dana Olita

Clairvoyant is the story of 14 y/o Clair Addams whose near death experience leaves her with the ability to see into the future. Feeling alone and confused Clair turns to the Detective that saved her. Together they learn to help each other make the future a better place.

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    United States
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Short Script: THE STAGE, by Dinesh Pandiyan

Title: The Stage

Written by: Dinesh Pandiyan

A boy influenced by novel and confused with reality. He starts perceiving everyone in real world as a story characters. His Friends noticed that and they begins to acting the characters in the novel to solve his friend’s problem.

Genre: Psychological thriller/ Mystery

Type: Short story/ Short screenplay

Short Film: IF ONLY YOU COULD SEE by Cher Davis

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Written by:
Cher Davis

When a psychic teenage girl has a premonition, she must avoid repeating the costly mistake of mistrusting her gift to prevent her mother’s death.

Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Short Screenplay

Short Film: Barack Obama Remembers a Young Poet by James Fitzmaurice

Title: Barack Obama Remembers a Young Poet

Written by: James Fitzmaurice

Logline: Late at night in the Oval Office, Obama relives experiences from his undergraduate years when he was a writer of poetry in LA. He chats with women he once knew (his ghosts), spars about writing autobiography with a spectral Charles Bukowski, and chats in the morning light with an actual Michelle about their children.

Genre: Rom Com

Type: Short Screenplay

Short Film: Happy Anniversary by Shivani Mehra

Happy Anniversary is a little insight into the mind of a broken-heart. It revolves around the events that take place between two meetings of a couple- once when she was caught cheating on him and the one after she had already broken his heart.


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    Short Script
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    Drama, Thriller
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