SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Soroban Impact, by Gregory Ranky

TITLE of Script: Soroban Impact

Author NAME: Gregory Ranky

Type of screenplay: Feature

Website or any relevant info:

Summary of script: In a world where conscious robots are commonplace, poor but courageous female android enters a futuristic martial arts tournament to save her old neighborhood from greedy real estate developers.

Life as a Synthetic Intelligence, or S.I., means lifelong learning, mastering new skills, and for Liz-217, an endless string of low-paying jobs and endless patching for cheap body parts. But all of that changes when her beloved neighborhood ends up slated for redevelopment by the end of the month. Part duel, part obstacle course, with each opponent tougher than the last, can she win this year’s Soroban challenge and save the first home she ever had?