TV SHOW: Coexist, by Steve Masihoroe

1b17da61f3 posterA man and woman, individually and independently, try to fight the system, where at that time the government takes care of getting into the room, taking care of our private matters for reasons why.


Writer Biography – Steve Masihoroe

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Steve Masihoroe is a filmmaker who Directed a short drama “Ayo Kita Pulang.” It got best movie in Driyarkara Film Festival 2016 and Kampung Komunikasi Festival 2016. He was passionate & studied at Art Film School Yogyakarta & Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta, he took Communication Science. He was also written & Directed “Gowok” it got screened in Flicks Fiesta International Film Festival 2018 Malaysia nominated for best short movie, official Selection on SEAxSEA southeast asia x seattle film festival 2018 (seattle washington US), nominated for best short film OUT OF THE CAN film festival 2018 (Derby, UK) & Nominated for best director BULAN KOMUNIKASI 2018. He was also be Advisor in Ruang Gelap, audio visual club & production. The other movie, “closer” got official Selection on Fiagra Horror film festival 2018 too.


Writer Statement

I want to talk about the current bureaucracy and system starting to regulate the private matters of each individual human being to the matter of dignity and things that actually become human essence, and I want to convey about Indonesian culture that is friendly and rebukes greetings that are felt to be lost

TV Show: THAT SISTER THANG by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton

Title of Story: That Sister Thang

Written by: Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton

Logline: A South African woman’s mission to succeed in Austin’s white, testosterone-fuelled gaming industry is disrupted when her rebellious sister moves in, exposing a family secret that could tear them apart.

Genre: (choose one of up to five genres) Comedy, Drama, Family

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Num

TV Show: CITY OF CAVES, by Louise Wilding

Title of Story: CITY OF CAVES

Written by: Louise Wilding

Logline: : A fierce and headstrong weretiger attempts to protect the woman she loves from an ancient vampire and an evil threatening to destroy the earth, while fighting the zealous ideologies of her elders.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Type: TV pilot

TV SHOW: Avid The Alien, by Helen Alphaavid Walsh

ACTORTitle: Avid The Alien

Written by: Helen Alphaavid Walsh


Genre: Intergalactic Adventures

Logline: Earth is thee last planet that needs their help!!! Intergalactic rock stars & children’s advocates,Avid & Thee Environmental Alienhead!!!Z are famous throughout multiple universes! Join them, touring galaxies with spectacular concerts bringing love, peace & charity to always save the day

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TV SHOW: KING OF THE EAST, by Musasizi Nasuru


Written by: Musasizi Nasuru


Genre: History Fiction

Logline: On his way back to Bunyoro kingdom, after establishing several kingdoms under his elder sons, Mukama discovers a rather more beautiful fertile land on the northeastern bunks of river Nile. How far can he go to establish his rule amidst constant opposition from hostile native hunters and fishermen.

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Crime/Drama TV SHOW: CARNIVAL OF SOULS, by Jonathan Baltzly

ACTORTitle: Carnival of Souls

Written by: Jonathan Baltzly


Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, War

Logline: A kind, hardworking, insecure bank teller has been undervalued for years. When a rich bank patron has a coworker fired after false accusations, he decides to steal the man’s identity and help his friend.

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