Comedy Festival Feature Script: TEQUILA RUN, by Wishelle Banks

AGAVE SPIRITS! SEX! STEVEN TYLER! FINDING THE BEST TEQUILA ON EARTH WON’T BE EASY — ESPECIALLY WHEN OLD HABITS ARE SO HARD TO LOSE… Frank (a New Mexico chile roaster), Camel (a drunk redneck hippocrite), and Dave (a gorgeous blonde cursed with a man’s name, and a kidney stone) are three gringos, chosen by the agave spirits to embark from ABQ to Jalisco, Mexico in search of the most elusive, finest tequila on earth. Their nemesis: Paulo Corrupto, a dirty federali, and Frank’s die-hard habits of “tequila, weed and pussy!” Will Agavita, a revered former stripper and club owner, lead them to the Jesus Lucifer tequila? When they meet Jesus Lucifer — the tequila master himself — will they pass all three tests, and prove themselves worthy of “insight, enlightenment and transformation…?!”

Writer Biography – Wishelle Banks

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Third-generation storyteller; studied TV/Theater/Film and journalism. Worked on other people’s films; have additional dramatic and comedy feature material.

Writer Statement

TEQUILA RUN is a comedic odyssey — and a commercially viable, franchise trilogy! Always fresh, NEVER reconstituted comedy!