Comedy Script: The Assassination of Donald Trump, by D. Sidney Potter

C2cdd55489 posterThe screenplay is creative non-fiction and based on an actual article by D. Sidney Potter that was published in The Huffington Post in 2016, and later removed. The protagonist, D. Sidney Potter is a real person. Well educated and traveled, he has now become disillusioned and ultimately enraged by the presence of a novice political monster that has demonized the black and brown, and poor and white of the United States. With no family and no deep connections to society, he becomes an assassin that plots the assassination of the 45th President, while coming to grips with his legacy and his future place in history.

Writer Biography

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The author had earned his living as a real estate broker before embarking on a writing career. Mr. Potter has been a contributing writer to several of the following periodicals: American Thinker,, Inman Real Estate, Enter Stage Right, iReport (CNN), Dissident Voice, (apart of MSNBC), and The Huffington Post. In addition, Mr. Potter has a BA in Political Science, 2 MBA’s and part of a doctorate degree from Pepperdine.