Novel: The Gift, by Barbara Avon

Title of Story: The Gift

Written by: Barbara Avon

Logline: Brooding, sexy, restaurant owner, Michael Rossi is determined to unravel the mystery behind the lady in the red coat. One secret can speak a thousand truths.

Genre: Thriller/Romance

Type: Novel

Barbara Avon

BUCCILLI Publishing
1867 Division Street, Apt B
Vars, Ontario
K0A 3H0


Twitter: @barb_avon

FACES Magazine Author of the Year 2018

Feature Film: THE GIFT, by William Fuentes & Abdul Malik


Written by: William Fuentes & Abdul Malik

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Logline: A young girl inherits a family curse of having visions of faces of the recently deceased displayed on the walls of her home.

Her institutionalized mother was driven insane by the same affliction resulting in greedy family members to seek control of her fortune. The young girl, in a desperate attempt to stay alive and keep her freedom and her inheritance, sets out to prove her visions of a child being murdered actually happened. Soon, the young girl becomes a victim herself as she becomes embroiled in a fight for her life against a sadistic pedophile serial killer.

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