Feature Film: The Princess Bride II: The Ransom of Hollyhock by Richard M. Renneboog

Title of Story: The Princess Bride II: The Ransom of Hollyhock

Written by: Richard M. Renneboog

Logline: Beware the BRAT spell! Westley and Buttercup must enlist the aid of the Dread Pirate Roberts and other unlikely heroes if they are to rescue their beloved daughter Hollyhock, who has been kidnapped by Prince Humperdinck, the evil Countess Rugen and Miracle Max, before she is thrown from the Cliffs of Insanity into the shrieking eel-infested waters below.

Genre: Family-Action-Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

website: http://richardrenneboog.webs.com

Twitter @RRenneboog

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