Top FEATURE SCREENPLAYS of February 2020

Read summaries of the best FEATURE SCRIPTS of 2020.

Female Festival Feature Script: Snakehead, by Sophia Ciampaglia

Female Festival Feature Script: The Three Lives of Shirin Sohrabi, by Alexandra Kaucher

Feature Script: IN 2030, by Elizabeth Sinanan

LA Festival Feature Script: Secret Library, by Laurel King

LA Festival Feature Script: Silver Daze, by Rebecca Harvey

LA Festival Feature Film: 338, by Tiya Sowell

LA Festival Feature Script: I am the Fear, by Sandra Becerril Robledo

LA Festival Feature Film: Webo, by Harry Dean-Pritchard

LA Festival Feature Script: Tatu Frater Durum (aka 3 Bad Ass Brothers), by Max Highsmith

LA Festival Feature Film: STRAIGHT FLUSH by Theonymfi Kypriotaki

Feature Script: MEMEMORMEE, by K.C. Wilson

Feature Film: REASONS?, by Marjory E. Leposky

Feature Film: DEFARIOUS BLIGHT, by Doc Huss

Feature Film: FUNKY AUCTION, by Aleksandr Saltovskiy

Feature Film: OUTPOST, by Alistair McKenzie

Feature Script: RAINBOW COWBOY, by Leslie Bloom, Callum Trevitt, Todd Naylor

Feature Film: THE YOUNGEST DOUGHBOY, by Steve Sterling

Feature Script: GNAW, by Kathryn Kyker

Feature Film: SWEET OLD MAN, by Andrew Mescher

Feature Script: Identical DNA, by Todd Bronson

Feature Film: LEGACY, by William Petersen

Top Feature Screenplays of February 2020

Watch the winning readings performed by professional actors.

Feature Film: DRONES, by Ferdinando Gattuccio

Feature Film: Better Days, by Kevin Van Norren

Feature Film: Because it’s natural, by Prasad Babu Kanikalla

Feature Film: On the Corner of Eden and Grace, by Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus

Feature Film: RUNAWAY SHIP, by Theodore Carl Soderberg

Feature Script: PORNO MANIFESTO, by Kyle Michel Sullivan

Feature Script: THE THIRD DAY, by Teleah Moore

Feature Script: Dream City, by Andrew S. Fisk

Feature Script: THREE TONYS, by Dale K. Pitman

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: Secret Library, by Laurel King