TV SHOW: Flawless: A Feminist Fairytale, by Deborah Rayne

Title of story: Flawless: A Feminist Fairytale

Written by: Deborah Rayne

Logline: When the “Boomer” Fairy Godmother retires, a Latinx Millenial seizes the job of distributing Happy Endings to the Princesses of NYC, and goes rogue; upending the status quo and defying the faceless, patriarchal corporation that has always dictated the rules. With the help of the new FG, the Princesses will finally begin to decide for themselves what it means for a woman to live “Happily Ever After”.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Feminist Fairytale

Type: TV Pilot

TV PILOT: Akita on Parole, by Stacie Gray

73c44fa4f9 posterAkita, an accomplished, strong willed, ballbusting Attorney formulates an exit program to combat recidivism. Arduous of the judicial system’s failing track record for rehabilitating repeat offenders. Little did she know that the implementation of this program would be like a punch to the throat!

Writer Biography

A0234a7c87 headshot

I am Richmond VA native and I received my B.A. in Education K-8 from Virginia Union University. I taught for Richmond Public Schools and later became a Life Skills Facilitator/Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist. I am Licensed Minister. I am Co-Owner of Natural Goddess & Natural Adonis LLC ( The hair and skin care company created by my Daughter, Sire, when she was 17. My passion is acting/writing, directing and producing. I’m a Playwright/Producer/Director of “Don’t Bring the Streets in Between Your Sheets! -GOD ( October 19, 2019) 2 Shows at Chapel Hill High School (Atlanta, GA). One day after my Son Jordan’s 6th anniversary of his transition back home to heaven. I have also established a Foundation called KING ME! in Jordan’s honor.


Writer Statement


This project is very personal to me because ,my beloved Son. Jordan was very instrumental in Character development. My Daughter, Sire, encouraged me when telling my truth within the script got too hard. Love from my children is my Muse. Although Jordan is helping me create from Heaven, I can hear him clearly.

TV PILOT: On The Run, by Rob McNeil

A troubled twenty-something coping with loss and under constant surveillance by a mysterious organization must keep himself afloat as his life unravels in puzzling ways. In the wake of a horrific mass shooting, he must fight for his innocence as all evidence points to his guilt.

  • Script Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Crime, Mystery, Thriller
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Script Language:

TV Show: The Misadventures of Joe Bliss, by Ron Hewski

The Misadventures of Joe Bliss is a buddy comedy that leads to adventure, intrigue, science fiction, gangs, mobsters, and everything else fate can cook up to ensure Joe loses a mundane job that he desperately tries to keep, while his best friend Javi roblez, answers yes to every call; dragging Joe behind.

The Misadventures of Joe Bliss by Ron Hewski- TV pilot

TV PILOT: Squad by Louric Rankine

Teens of color deal with their disorganized high school and personal problems by talking in a group chat- which happens to concretize in a virtual white room.


Writer Biography – Louric Rankine

1e84da1cd8 headshot

Growing up in East New York, Louric’s main goal in filmmaking was to tell the right story for African Americans, not realizing there is neither a right or wrong way to narrate it. A Posse scholar, award-winning filmmaker, and TV fanatic, Louric hopes to reflect narratives untold in all forms and all genres.