TV Series Trailer: VETERINARY LAW, by Dennis Paul


A series where lies are sniffed out, and suspects hounded.

Written By: Dennis Paul.

Logline: After saving the life of a K9 dog with lie-detecting ability, the uptight veterinary surgeon teams up with the police to help solve murders, while also looking for clues regarding her father’s disappearance.


Alison Birkett, Professor of Zoology and Veterinary Surgeon. Is riddled with guilt after leaving her father Walter, after he goes missing during an anti-poaching crusade in Botswana, Africa. Alison, along with her mother Jane, must now continue to run his specialized clinic SPECS, despite his disappearance. While back at the clinic, she saves the life of K9 dog Turbo with lie-detecting ability. The uptight veterinary surgeon teams up with the LAPD, to help them solve the brutal murder of an affluent elderly woman, which left Lieutenant Cole handling the case, flabbergasted.

Her anxiety continues as she walks to her car. A MYSTERIOUS figure APPEARS, he leaves an Adinkra, BONE SYMBOL. It warns her of pending deception. So, when a picture of her father Walter is sent to the LAPD, holding a rifle over a dead elephant. Alison, with the help of her team, solves the deception and clears her father’s name. Now with the murderers of the elderly woman identified, and a crucial piece of evidence pending, their plane stands on the tarmac ready for take-off. Alison then uses her intrinsic connection to K9 Turbo, to formulate and execute her cunning plan.

This stalls the two, allowing the doctored evidence to be realized, allowing Lieutenant Cole to arrest them.