TV SHOW: Middle Point by Ngozi-Y’ileese

Title of Story: Middle Point

Written by: Ngozi-Y’ileese

Logline: Now that Homicide Detective Smith has perfected her crime scene
psychic ability, solving new and cold cases has become a glorified
skill. When she realizes a fellow officer is responsible for a string of
murders, she faces the biggest case, as well as conflict, of her career.

Genre: Crime

Type: Pilot

WGA: 13202920


Title: Different Planes

Written by: Domingo M. Claudio

Log line: an FBI Agent who’s managed to keep his schizophrenia a secret has trouble on a case when the victim of a serial killer is a girl he’s been hallucinating since childhood.

Genre: TV drama

TV Show: PAX GRAVITATE by Paul R. Price

Pax Gravitate

Written by Paul R. Price

Logline: One man’s search for gravity control to change the world. Simon Kirk is a time traveler sent back in time to get information on past technologies to stop a tyrannical government from oppressing humanity. He’s the only man who can change history so that humanity can survive. Without him humanity will not survive. This is his story.

Genre- Science Fiction Dystopian

Type- Teleplay

Reg. with the WGA. Reg. number upon request.

TV PILOT: Inside the World of Zoe Sander, by Suzanne Lutas

Title of story: Inside the World of Zoe Sander

Written by: Suzanne Lutas

Logline: When a kid becomes a trendy designer overnight, she must learn to navigate through the cut-throat world of fashion with only the help of her working-class single mom, and her imaginary friend, a talking magazine cut-out of her favorite supermodel.

Genre: Family, Comedy, Animation.

Type: Half-hour TV Pilot.

US Copyright.

TV Spec: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, by Anna Hotter & Michael Rodriguez

– WRITTEN BY: Anna Hotter & Michael Rodriguez (from the writing team MELLOWDRAMATIC)

– CITY AND COUNTRY: New York, New York, USA

– TITLE OF SCRIPT Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — “Kimmy Learns About Implicit Bias!”

– GENRE: TV Comedy

– TYPE OF SCRIPT (TV pilot, TV spec): TV Spec

Logline: When Kimmy experiences sexism at a tech conference, she begins to question her own unconscious biases. Meanwhile, Jacqueline battles a #MeToo scandal at work, and Titus tries to order coffee at Starbucks.

TV PILOT: L.A.’s Finest, by Morgan Schefflin

Title of story: L.A.’s Finest

Written by: Morgan Schefflin

Logline: A TV showrunner clashes with his head writer and network executive girlfriend to get his pilot made as promised to his niece before he gets ousted out of the TV business for good.

Genre: Drama, comedy

Type: TV pilot