TV Festival: Strike of Artemis, by Brandon Haynes

F5435dce0e posterA mysterious woman kidnapped by aliens returns to Earth, trying to find her place in a world that no longer trusts her.


Writer Biography – Brandon Haynes

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Brandon Haynes is an awarding winning narrative and commercial cinematographer and director based in Brooklyn, NY. He started his creative journey as a photographer in 2009 and fell in love with cinematography after attending Denver’s SeriesFest in 2016. Teaching himself the rules and tricks of the trade, he now blends the worlds of music, fashion, and sports with his love for TV and cinema. His drive to continually perfect his craft, and capture a striking balance of color and shadow, has allowed him to shoot for a diverse array of clients including Hennessy, Uptown Magazine, Adidas, Essence Magazine, BET, Volkswagen, Doordash, Facebook, and Google. In 2020, he made his narrative directorial debut with the short film “Carol Crawford”. The early reception of the film has been positive, including numerous awards and nominations for Best First Time Director & Best Cinematography from the likes of the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Canadian Cinematography Awards, and Couch Film Festival.

TV SHOW: Stuff of Legends: Unleashed, by Michael Droberg

Television (One-hour)
58 Pages
In a small lakeside town, people are mysteriously disappearing, and it’s up to three kids, a jaded museum curator, and the police chief to stop the sinister beast from taking more lives.

TV SHOW: DREAM OF MIRRORS, by Marcin Klinkosz

A90f6714f6 posterIn a future where ​super-powered​ children are forced to eliminate the enemies of the state, a precog girl must confront terrifying supernatural forces in order to save her family.

Writer Biography – Marcin Klinkosz

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Marcin’s journey into professional writing started with his out-of-the-box high school final exams essay which got him standing ovation. Combining a high professional athlete approach with creative ideas he secured himself jobs as a journalist, publisher, marketing professional, and business consultant. Seeing the power of the story to affect change, he wrote the JUMP OVER IT motivational book using the movie structure. His pilot DREAM OF MIRRORS placed as a quarterfinalist in ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2020 and his feature script LUCKY BEGGARS placed as a quarterfinalist in Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. He hopes to add more industry experience soon.

TV SHOW: IRONBOUND, by Luigi Benvisto, Michael Allen Wise


402bf854b4 posterWhen the son of a Cuban immigrant finds himself without a job and with a pregnant wife, he decides to work for a cocaine dealer in order to provide money for his family, but stepping into the crime world is easier than getting out.

Writer – Luigi Benvisto, Michael Allen Wise

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Title of Story: Behind The Jersey

Written by: Ashley Brajaè

Genre: Dramedy

Type: TV Pilot

WGA Registration Number: 2023143

LOGLINE: Four women maneuver through the world of being with professional athletes. Trust is broken, lies are told and scandalous love affairs are all apart of what it means to be the women Behind The Jersey.

TV SHOW: ANARCHY OF ANGELS, by Eddie Georgonicas

Title of Story: Anarchy of Angels (TV SERIES)

Written by: Eddie Georgonicas


In the midst of an apocalyptic war between angels and demons, an angry young sceptic and a good-natured priest-in-training are tasked by Archangel Michael with delivering two heavenly orbs of light into the darkest depths of Hell. With the extinction of Heaven imminent, the success of the Angelic Mission is crucial in allowing the Angels to retaliate and invade Hell.

Genre: Thriller (Paranormal)

Available for your assessment upon request:

ü TV Series Pilot – 60 pages

ü TV Series Bible

ü Apart from the TV Series– Also available is the Film Version of Anarchy of Angels -106 pages

TV SHOW: MY WEDDING DAY, by Nicolo’ Emanuele Passaro


LOGLINE: One evening, a young man is shocked to see the girl he’s always loved that she accepted a marriage proposal from his boyfriend. So, he doesn’t give up and ’cause a year before they get married and will try to change the girl’s mind before the fateful day. Each episode analyzes a fundamental aspect of the couple, of marriage, of love and how Milenians live and interpret it actually (“The……. Day”) is the title opening of each episode), becoming deeper and deeper in themes its present. Will the young man achive his final goal? ​

GENRE: TV SERIES (Comedy-Drama) ​

TV Show: SHRAPNEL, by Gabriella Schaefer

Title of Story: Shrapnel

Written by: Gabriella Schaefer

Empaths have merged with the natural elements and gifted access to their powers. Identified by their Clan element: Nature, Earth, Water, Air, Fire or Stone, they create a collective. Unknown by the general public, their members work together to prevent epidemics, or individually, when personally confronted with everyday injustices.

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Action

TV Pilot

LGBT Festival TV Show: We should take a shower, by Baharan Baniahmadi

An Afghan girl, recently immigrantes to Canada find a new identity on her self which challenges her community and family’s traditions.


Project Links
Writer – Baharan Baniahmadi

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TV Festival SHOW: Oh No Not The Pie, by Tawan Sanders

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This family cookout everyone decided to give grandma a break from cooking. Auntie takes on the family tradition to bake the family favorite dish. There is an unexpected guest that joins the cookout, she comes to tell the truth about auntie favorite pie. She didn’t cook it patti label did.

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    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
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    United States
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