TWITTER MOVIE: The Arrest, by Keith Brandon

Performed by Allison Kampf

Reporter Stagier: ‘Do aliens exist?’
FBI agent Mcvintes: ‘They do not.’
Two aliens appeared in the studio, while on air.
‘You are under arrest Mcvintes, for insulting and lying about us for years to your world. Your trial begins on Mars in an hour.’ They grabbed him and disappeared.

TWITTER MOVIE: Don’t Mess with the Lady, by Laura Tolomei

TWITTER SHORT STORY: Don’t mess with the lady by Laura Tolomei

A story of violence and no regrets!

The nice lady I live with had a monster as a husband. Every day, he beat her blind, and I couldn’t stand her screams of pain and help. So, one night, I tripped him. Down the stairs, he fell and died. Police came and went, but no one thought to blame me. I’m the cat, after all! Miao.