Animation Festival Short Script: Zenubia, by Mary Anthony

351df68620 posterThe Earth has been destroyed and humans are no more. It is now upon the planet of Zenubia to artificially restore the Human race.
Jodi’s parents are one of the scientists on this mission. Who is Jodi? He is a humanoid-like alien who lives on Zenubia. On one particular Earth mission his parents disappear and he is left to his own devices to track them down and possibly determine the fate of real Humans.


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Writer Biography – Mary Anthony

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Mary Anthony has graduated in Economics and Master in Business (HR) from Pune University. She has also acquired Freelance Journalist degree from All India Freelance Journalist Association. She has worked as Content creator in various corporate organisations, at present she is a Freelance Journalist with Dhruva News and Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger with her own fashion blog Beautilicious Freaks. She also writes for various brands and media houses. Her recent being contributions to the Saregama Pvt. Ltd Youtube Channel for their section Storiyaan.
She has also forayed into script writing and directing, her debut short film Makeup has been released on Youtube last year. She has written and directed the short film under her banner Morart Films. It has been featured in India’s number one short films channel Six Sigma Films.
She is debuting into the writing world with her first novel Chasing Echoes. The title represents the main protagonist Penny, who is oscillating between reality and moments of amnesia after the tragic disappearance of her husband. She hears voices in her head and does not know who to trust in real life. This forms the basis of her thrilling psychological journey.