SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Harper High, by Stephen John Beyer

LOGLINE: An interracial love triangle during the Golden Age causes conflict between Chicago High School Rivalries, which are tested by the Color of Love & Friendship that spirals out of control and intertwines during the Cicero Riots of 1951.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Winner of Los Angeles Motion Picture Film Festival’s Best Comedy, Best Feature, and Best Romance Screenplay Awards.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Vincent & Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood, by Frank Hays

Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood

Frank Hays


Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood is a biographical drama. Historians and biographers agree or have hinted that Vincent van Gogh’s adulthood included periods of homosexuality. This screenplay delves into the tumultuous relationship between Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.

Did Vincent cut off his ear, or did Paul sever Vincent’s ear in a fit of rage? Did Vincent commit suicide, or was he shot accidentally? These questions and more are answered in Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood.

1st Scene Script Reading: SURFACE TENSION, by Shane Walsh-Smith

When the world ends in a nuclear explosion, a family of pampered and petty one-percenters bicker and blunder their way through the apocalypse, confined in their luxury underground bunker.

Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Clem: Allison Kampf
Camile: Hannah Ehman
Preston: Steve Rizzo
Delia: Julie Sheppard
Marcus: Matthew Camp

Writer Biography – Shane Walsh-Smith

Shane Walsh-Smith’s scripts have won or placed as finalists in more than thirty contests so far in 2020. He’s a lifelong writer, a furious scripturient for whom fiction is the prism through which he understands the world and himself. Shane has written professionally in many forms, and might be the only person in the world to get a comic published in a refereed academic journal.

1st Scene Screenplay Reading; CRACKSMEN, by Daniel Corey

Cracksmen are a new class of criminal that specialize in slipping into an alternate dimension to commit crimes. Jake is one of the best, but to escape the mob, he has to strike a deal that will get him in trouble with syndicates on both sides of reality.

Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Jake Steve Rizzo
Leo: Sean Ballantyne
Isis: Allison Kampf

Writer Biography – Daniel Corey

Daniel Corey is a writer and content producer who has created for comics, live theatre and virtual reality.

Daniel’s projects include the graphic novels BLOODWORTH and PROPHET, which he wrote and distributed through his company, DangerKatt, as well as MORIARTY and RED CITY, which he published through Image Comics (home of THE WALKING DEAD). MORIARTY has been adapted into a VR comic book titled MORIARTY: ENDGAME VR, which earned him the #2 spot on Onalytica’s Top 100 VR Influencers list.

He has also worked in broadcast news for NPR and ABC, serves on the Creative Writing Program Advisory Committee at Full Sail University, and speaks at pop culture conventions around the country.

Best Scene Script Reading: BIG SISTER, by David Chester, Blake Pinter

A successful woman abandons her career to save her destitute younger sister, but her enabling tactics backfire and she becomes the one who needs to be saved.

Narrator: Geoff Mays
Oliver: Allan Michael Brunet
Lynn: Kyana Teresa

Writer Biography – David Chester, Blake Pinter

A Los Angeles native based in Tokyo, David’s creative efforts in filmmaking, screenwriting and songwriting richly reflect his bicultural experience.

David has produced and written four short films, including THE LESSON, which won the 2013 Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Grand Prix and the 2012 Torino GLBT Film Festival Best Short Film.

All of David’s screenplays/teleplays have placed highly in screenwriting competitions, especially TILLIE and BIG SISTER. As of 2020, four of his five commissioned feature screenplays have been produced, with two currently on Amazon Prime.

For further information, visit

DIVERSITY Festival Best Scene Script Reading: ACE, by Jacobo Fe

Sir Douglas Bader was a British pilot during WWII, who, after losing both of his legs, became a flying ace. The use of prosthesis was not an impediment to prove his value and wit; both when he was battling in the skies or as an inmate in the most inexpugnable Nazi prison. His rude and rebel spirit coupled with his will power and energy resulted in adoration and frustration in equal measures with his allies and enemies. His exceptional merits and career made him an inspirational hero. A human hero.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Bader: Shawn Devlin
Halahan: Sean Ballantyne
Coach: Matthew Camp

Writer Biography – Jacobo Fe

-UCLA graduate student in Screenwriting & TV Writing.

-The youngest Spanish author with a published historical novel (at the age of 19).

-Awarded with the top Artistic/Writing Scholarships from Spain: Faro Program/Fulbright Singular Award/MMF Prize (2017/18/19) after completing three study fields (Film, Business Admin. & Law) in five countries (Spain, Italy, India, Thailand & the U.S).

-Achieved the highest national scores in Universal History, Philosophy & Art History in exams from Access University.