Feature Film: BOUDOIR CELL by Mark-Curtis Dunn


Written by: Mark-Curtis Dunn

Logline: When a team of crack Russian agents seduce an analyst at the NSA to reveal a super-secret intel program, it falls to the Director to hunt down the mole before the loss of critical technology.

Genre: Spy thriller

Type: Feature motion picture

WGA #1801992

Feature Film: THE SHADOWS OF NAGASAKI by Brent Fidler


Written by: BRENT FIDLER

Genre: Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

Registration Number: PAu 2-843-257


The Shadows of Nagasaki are the Japanese victims of the “Fat Man” atomic bomb in 1945. Of the 45,000 souls instantly incinerated, a mere five’s dying moments were immortalized as nuclear shadow images. The screenplay asks the question – What if those shadows started to move. These vengeful ghosts are spirit bound to slay all living descendants of the original Manhattan/Trinity nuclear project, in Los Alamos, New Mexico. American science and Japanese shamanism join forces in a mythological battle against a supernatural spawn of their own creation.

Feature Film: EAGLE WITHOUT WINGS by Richard Haber

Title of the Story: Eagle Without Wings

Written by: Richard Haber

Logline: “For every fighter who ever stood alone, one woman’s life tells the true story of victory dawning after the darkest night”

And here you can visit the website with more information: https://www.eaglewithoutwings.com

Novel: Apex Five: The Plane, Book One by Sarah Katz

Title of Story: Apex Five: The Plane, Book One

Written by: Sarah Katz

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama Thriller, War

Type: Novel

Logline: In a world where all inhabitants have spent millennia worshipping five megastructures attributed to the mysterious Zaam, the nation of Tabira has suddenly employed remarkably advanced technology to subjugate the entire Plane. In the wake of a deadly pathogen released by the Tabir upon believers, the three remaining nations must uncover the secret behind the dominant power’s sudden forward leap in civilization.

TV Show: SWITCHBACK by Peter Roach


Written By: Peter Roach

Logline: Without warning lives are switched for 24 hours. You get to walk the mile in brand new shoes. Don’t get comfortable, it may be short, but you may get hurt.

Episode 1: An LA finance guru Miles Overman promised more than he can deliver and dangerous people want results. An unexpected body switch that lasts twenty for hours with Cholon a simple herder in faraway Mongolia will only delay the inevitable. One of these men will cope, one will struggle.

Episode 2: Miles returns to Mongolia as himself trying to woo a woman Khongi who does not know he exists. Cholon becomes intrigued with switching. He wants to do it again. Cholon’s wife Zaya warns them of consequences.

Another pair of complete stranger’s lives is suddenly switched. Is this random? Is there a connection?

Genre: TV Pilot