1st Scene Festival TV Script: PeaceMakers, by Keenan Robinson

13d9e08893 posterFuturistic fantasy tale of neighborhood crime victims turned heroes banding together to take on both the physical and spiritual battle for their community, leading to an epic showdown.

Writer – Keenan Robinson
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LA Festival TV SHOW: The Adventure of Alex and Father Time, by Harry Dean

Alex is a 19 year old university student and his room is Father Time. Yes that’s right he is the all knowing god of time. Together they get up to all sorts of crazy adventures.

Writer – Harry DP
Writer Statement

As a young and aspiring writer I search for new ways to expand upon genres and create unique and intricate stories. As I writer I explore complex story lines that combine the conventions of each genre to create a unique story.

TV SHOW: Max Granky Versus the World, by Marcus Henry

TITLE: ‘Max Granky Versus the World – Episode 1: Granky’s Law’

AUTHOR: Marcus Henry

LOGLINE: An obdurate old man reminisces on recent events in his life as he embarks on the first day of his retirement in a most unorthodox fashion .

GENRE: Black Comedy

TYPE: TV/web series pilot (short format: 10-15min episodes)

TV SHOW: Maui Kitty’s Play Day, by Dr. S. Huss

Title of Story: Maui Kitty’s Play Day

Written by: Dr. S. Huss

Logline: Orphaned as a baby when his parents perished, 7 year old Maui Kitty is a fearless kitty, living on Maui Island, where he finds his magic/strength inside of him with the help of his magical watch and Aloha Spirit. Uplifting and rooted on the premise of Aloha Spirit, Maui Kitty’s Play Day is a love letter to the global viewership – a marriage of Hawaiian Mysteries, Hawaiian Language, Hawaiian Culture, while utilizing STEAM Educational Components.

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family, Musical, Mystery

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: 2041342

TV Script: PRINCESS. IN REVERSE, by David Chester

C7ae621c0a posterWhen a Jewish American Princess moves to Japan with her new husband in the 1990s, she must learn to adapt to two foreign concepts: living abroad… and marriage.


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Writer Biography – David Hal Chester, Lisa Fineberg Cook

62755db72b headshot

A Los Angeles native based in Tokyo, David Chester’s creative efforts in screenwriting and filmmaking richly reflect his bicultural experience. David’s brand is “female-driven drama with sharp humor.” He has written six commissioned screenplays (three produced to date, one currently on Netflix, one on Amazon Prime). All his original feature screenplays have placed as finalists in U.S. screenwriting competitions, especially “Big Sister,” a three-time finalist and first prize winner. David has also produced, written and/or directed four short films, most notably “The Lesson,” which won the Tokyo LGBT Film Festival “Grand Prix,” and the Torino GLBT Film Festival “Best Short Film.”

David’s writing has benefitted greatly from participation in Corey Mandell’s screenwriting workshops, Roadmap Writers’ Top Tier group for film and TV writing, and mentoring by writer/producer Ellen Sandler (“Everybody Loves Raymond”).

When David isn’t obsessing over the seven volumes of “Mad Men” scripts, you can find him hunched over his desk writing a screenplay or teleplay (or, more likely, rewriting them).

For more info visit: http://www.davidchester.com