Short Film: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AGAIN by Jamie Hall

Title of Story: Happy Birthday, Again

Written by: Jamie Hall

Logline: “Happy Birthday, Again” is a dramatic screenplay in which a man comes to terms with an unimportant and unremarkable life. Before he kills himself to spare the world on his 40th birthday though, he sets out to find a friend.

Genre: Drama

Type: Short Screenplay

Novel: BEST OF ENEMIES by Iain Parke

Title of Story: Best of Enemies

Written by: Iain Parke

Logline: Best of Enemies is a conspiracy thriller in which a young British intelligence officer becomes involved in a plot to bring the US into WW2 by inducing Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.

Genre: War / Conspiracy Thriller

Type: Novel

Novel: FREEDOM CITY by Nicole Roder

Title: Freedom City

Author: Nicole Roder

Logline: Carol Ann Baxter didn’t mean to attract police attention to her family’s sketchy business, but she did anyway. And if her separatist, freedom-fighting neighbors ever find out she was the one who brought government investigators onto their property, jail might be a safer alternative to the “civil penalties.”

Genre: Crime

Type: Novel


Nicole Roder

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TV Show: THAT SISTER THANG by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton

Title of Story: That Sister Thang

Written by: Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton

Logline: A South African woman’s mission to succeed in Austin’s white, testosterone-fuelled gaming industry is disrupted when her rebellious sister moves in, exposing a family secret that could tear them apart.

Genre: (choose one of up to five genres) Comedy, Drama, Family

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Num

Novel: A FELONY OF BIRDS by Harris Tobias

Title of Story: A Felony Of Birds

Written by: Harris Tobias

Logline: Native American Fish & Wildlife Investigator, Rhoda Deerwalker, finds herself in one harrowing adventure after another starting with her rookie assignment to observe a bird smuggling case in rural Wisconsin to her stumbling upon a terrorist plot in the deep woods. 

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller, 

environmental thriller

Type: Novel


Feature Film: LEGACY by Marc W. Johnson

After discovering her ancestral secret, an afraid to fail management consultant battles those closest to her and the werewolves that hunt her.

Title of Story: LEGACY

Written by: Marc W. Johnson

Genre: Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: PAu 3-757-974