Short Film: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AGAIN by Jamie Hall

Title of Story: Happy Birthday, Again

Written by: Jamie Hall

Logline: “Happy Birthday, Again” is a dramatic screenplay in which a man comes to terms with an unimportant and unremarkable life. Before he kills himself to spare the world on his 40th birthday though, he sets out to find a friend.

Genre: Drama

Type: Short Screenplay

Novel: BEST OF ENEMIES by Iain Parke

Title of Story: Best of Enemies

Written by: Iain Parke

Logline: Best of Enemies is a conspiracy thriller in which a young British intelligence officer becomes involved in a plot to bring the US into WW2 by inducing Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.

Genre: War / Conspiracy Thriller

Type: Novel

Novel: FREEDOM CITY by Nicole Roder

Title: Freedom City

Author: Nicole Roder

Logline: Carol Ann Baxter didn’t mean to attract police attention to her family’s sketchy business, but she did anyway. And if her separatist, freedom-fighting neighbors ever find out she was the one who brought government investigators onto their property, jail might be a safer alternative to the “civil penalties.”

Genre: Crime

Type: Novel


Nicole Roder

Freelance Writer and Editor

My work has appeared in Today’s Parent, Crixeo, Chesapeake Family LIFE, The Baltimore Sun, and more.


Twitter: @NicoleRoder1

Facebook: @WhereTheHeartIsBlogger

TV Show: THAT SISTER THANG by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton

Title of Story: That Sister Thang

Written by: Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton

Logline: A South African woman’s mission to succeed in Austin’s white, testosterone-fuelled gaming industry is disrupted when her rebellious sister moves in, exposing a family secret that could tear them apart.

Genre: (choose one of up to five genres) Comedy, Drama, Family

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Num

Novel: A FELONY OF BIRDS by Harris Tobias

Title of Story: A Felony Of Birds

Written by: Harris Tobias

Logline: Native American Fish & Wildlife Investigator, Rhoda Deerwalker, finds herself in one harrowing adventure after another starting with her rookie assignment to observe a bird smuggling case in rural Wisconsin to her stumbling upon a terrorist plot in the deep woods. 

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller, 

environmental thriller

Type: Novel


Feature Film: LEGACY by Marc W. Johnson

After discovering her ancestral secret, an afraid to fail management consultant battles those closest to her and the werewolves that hunt her.

Title of Story: LEGACY

Written by: Marc W. Johnson

Genre: Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: PAu 3-757-974

Feature Film: MARY CASTERS by Mark Mackey

Title of Story: Mary Casters

Written by: Mark Mackey

Logline: A woman and her girlfriend are forced to get human victims for a witch who possesses her younger sister, or else she won’t leave her body.

Genre: Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

Copyright 2016

Feature Film: The Princess Bride II: The Ransom of Hollyhock by Richard M. Renneboog

Title of Story: The Princess Bride II: The Ransom of Hollyhock

Written by: Richard M. Renneboog

Logline: Beware the BRAT spell! Westley and Buttercup must enlist the aid of the Dread Pirate Roberts and other unlikely heroes if they are to rescue their beloved daughter Hollyhock, who has been kidnapped by Prince Humperdinck, the evil Countess Rugen and Miracle Max, before she is thrown from the Cliffs of Insanity into the shrieking eel-infested waters below.

Genre: Family-Action-Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay


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