Feature Script: RIGGED, by Alan J. Field

Title of Story: Rigged

Written by: Alan J. Field

Logline: While working in a locked down safe house to prevent a horrific attack by a domestic terrorist group, a hardened FBI interrogator recovering from a head injury struggles with her unreliable fractured memories, until she discovers that it’s her manipulative colleagues, and not her memories, that are unreliable.

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Type: Feature

Feature Script: The Last Scientist, by Ian Tripp

Mid 24th century ushers in a new dark age in the wake of a collapsed utopia. The last survivor, a scientist, suffers from amnesia and hostile barbarians while trying to recover his memories and skills to restart civilization.

Writer Biography – Ian Tripp

Born and raised in Oakland, California, my writing is inspired by a need to process and work through the turbulence of my childhood, the chaos of the city I grew up in, and process the anxieties I feel about the dubious future of the human race. My writing serves me like a catharsis more than anything else, which I attempt to make entertaining and palatable to readers. I attended college in Oakland and Berkeley in the Peralta Community College District but I am primarily self-educated. I have spent the last 3+ years reading dozens and dozens of books on writing: everything from the Hero with a Thousand Faces to the Chicago Manual of Style, and much more. My determination is paying off; despite not having an English degree I have become a competent writer by my passion and sheer determination. Bloody Flowers was a quarter-finalist in the Low Light Pictures contest 2018, and a semi-finalist in the 100 Screenplays film festival 2019. I have also received high praise from Richard Walter, who said Bloody Flowers was entertaining, fun, and unique. I have 2 self-published novels on Amazon as well. I love writing, it has helped me out as a cathartic process to deal with life; if I can make a living out of it, all the better.

Feature Script: RADIO SILENCE, by Fevrier H. Asuncion

TITLE: Radio Silence

Written by: Fevrier H. Asuncion

Logline: After finding direction in his life, a young man is tasked by a woman from his past to find the ones responsible for her robbery. But things spiral out of control when they unearth a secret of revenge and deception.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: THE BLACK SPARTACUS, by Vladimir Jean Edouard



Logline: Toussaint L’Ouverture, a born slave turned proud slave owner, must renounce his wealth and status in order to lead a revolution against the greatest military general of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Genre: Historical, Drama, War

Type: Feature (the first of a trilogy)


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The burnt out executive of a five star international hotel chain is sent to close a rundown tropical island resort but instead finds fulfilment, love and adventure helping the widowed manager and her resolute staff save it, first from the ravages of time and then a killer cyclone.

FRANGIPANI RAIN was written as a simple but strong romantic story featuring gentle humour intended for mainstream family audiences.
The premise is that nature recycles. Our lives are a part of that natural cycle in that we must in some way die in order to be reborn.
Simon Webster is a burnt out British hotel chain Executive whose professional and personal life has broken down. He finds himself renewed in saving the rundown tropical resort he was sent to wind up and making it his new home.
As part of this process, he falls in love with Jenny, the widowed resident Manager.
The once beautiful resort itself, ravaged over time by nature but resurrected by Simon, Jenny and their staff, faces a final challenge when hit by a devastating cyclone, just when its future seemed assured.
In both cases, as in nature itself, the chance for a new start can only be won by sacrifice and commitment.


Writer – Les McDiarmid

HIS NAME IS JAKE, by Lula Johnson

Title: His Name is Jake

Author: Lula Johnson

Logline: Unaware of eyes in the dark, Jake and Lisa’s Night in the garden will turn into a nightmare they never saw coming.

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Type: Feature Length Screenplay

WGA Registered Number: 1311114

Feature Script: THE 7TH BIBLING, by Josephine A. Latimer

Title : The 7th Sibling

Written by: Josephine A Latimer


A true story about a young girl running away from a dysfunctional family marrying an older neighbor who turns out to be a drug pusher.

Genre: Family/Drama

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Feature Script: Identical DNA, by Todd Bronson

Feature Film: LEGACY, by William Petersen

Novel/Feature Script: Agent 00 vol. I, by: Ramona Lee Soo-Jun

Title of Story: Agent 00 vol. I
Written by: Ramona Lee Soo-Jun

Logline: “Almost 2000 years ago, during The Dragon Dynasty, an unstoppable ancient curse fell over the beautiful Princess Fei Yan. Her soul risks to remain trapped in time for decades, hundreds or even thousands of years, but young General Lai Ji vows to protect her with the Price of his Life. Along with Ju, The-Left-Handed-with-the-Right-Punch ― and Lu Lu, a young girl thief, they travel together a long way to the empire frontier.

In Hong Kong, 2015, Agents Eddy, Leo and Fei discover the secrets of The Triads. The police Chief, who took the blame for losing his first group of agents in the past, then decides to start the mission again after 20 years, counting on the good skills of his young agent, Eddy. The young pickpocket Li Li joins the team, becoming a skillful agent. Following KB’s trail, Eddy meets Tiger in the secret basements of the mobster’s building, risking to repeat the tragedy that happened 20 years ago, to the mission that was unmasked by KB.

The two parallel Worlds start to overlap when the Potion of Time comes back to life. The agents discover the possibility of reincarnation but without caring too much about this matter. While Eddy risks to disappear without a trace in the world of Triads, the princess again takes hold of the young general’s hand, who wandered thousands of years waiting for her.”
Genre: Martial-Arts-Action, Comedy, Drama.

Type: Novel and Feature Screenplay