Feature Script: RIGGED, by Alan J. Field

Title of Story: Rigged Written by: Alan J. Field Logline: While working in a locked down safe house to prevent a horrific attack by a domestic terrorist group, a hardened FBI interrogator recovering from a head injury struggles with her unreliable fractured memories, until she discovers that it’s her manipulative colleagues, and not her memories,… Continue reading Feature Script: RIGGED, by Alan J. Field

Feature Script: The Last Scientist, by Ian Tripp

Mid 24th century ushers in a new dark age in the wake of a collapsed utopia. The last survivor, a scientist, suffers from amnesia and hostile barbarians while trying to recover his memories and skills to restart civilization. Writer Biography – Ian Tripp Born and raised in Oakland, California, my writing is inspired by a… Continue reading Feature Script: The Last Scientist, by Ian Tripp

Feature Script: RADIO SILENCE, by Fevrier H. Asuncion

TITLE: Radio Silence Written by: Fevrier H. Asuncion Logline: After finding direction in his life, a young man is tasked by a woman from his past to find the ones responsible for her robbery. But things spiral out of control when they unearth a secret of revenge and deception. Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery. Type: Feature… Continue reading Feature Script: RADIO SILENCE, by Fevrier H. Asuncion

Feature Script: THE BLACK SPARTACUS, by Vladimir Jean Edouard

Title: THE BLACK SPARTACUS Written by: VLADIMIR JEAN EDOUARD Logline: Toussaint L’Ouverture, a born slave turned proud slave owner, must renounce his wealth and status in order to lead a revolution against the greatest military general of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte. Genre: Historical, Drama, War Type: Feature (the first of a trilogy)


  Logline: The burnt out executive of a five star international hotel chain is sent to close a rundown tropical island resort but instead finds fulfilment, love and adventure helping the widowed manager and her resolute staff save it, first from the ravages of time and then a killer cyclone. Synopsis: FRANGIPANI RAIN was written… Continue reading FRANGIPANI RAIN, by Les McDiarmid

Top FEATURE SCREENPLAYS of February 2020

Read summaries of the best FEATURE SCRIPTS of 2020. Female Festival Feature Script: Snakehead, by Sophia Ciampaglia https://storypitches.com/2020/02/23/female-festival-feature-script-snakehead-by-sophia-ciampaglia/ Female Festival Feature Script: The Three Lives of Shirin Sohrabi, by Alexandra Kaucher https://storypitches.com/2020/02/23/female-festival-feature-script-the-three-lives-of-shirin-sohrabi-by-alexandra-kaucher/ Feature Script: IN 2030, by Elizabeth Sinanan https://storypitches.com/2020/02/23/feature-script-in-2030-by-elizabeth-sinanan/ LA Festival Feature Script: Secret Library, by Laurel King https://storypitches.com/2020/02/22/la-festival-feature-script-secret-library-by-laurel-king/ LA Festival Feature Script: Silver… Continue reading Top FEATURE SCREENPLAYS of February 2020

Novel/Feature Script: Agent 00 vol. I, by: Ramona Lee Soo-Jun

Title of Story: Agent 00 vol. I Written by: Ramona Lee Soo-Jun Logline: “Almost 2000 years ago, during The Dragon Dynasty, an unstoppable ancient curse fell over the beautiful Princess Fei Yan. Her soul risks to remain trapped in time for decades, hundreds or even thousands of years, but young General Lai Ji vows to… Continue reading Novel/Feature Script: Agent 00 vol. I, by: Ramona Lee Soo-Jun