Feature Film: THE FUTURE, by Jonathan Rumbolt

Genre: Drama

Based on the novel by Jonathan Rumbolt

A married man with children struggles to learn the stock market and ends up wishing he could just go to sleep for 2 years

A man works 4 days a week and Friday is his day with the stock market but he quickly learns time is the enemy but luck may turn in his favor as he finds a add looking for a family of volunteers to try cryogenic sleep but that’s if they wake up at all and who’s to say the church would allow such a thing/

Short Story: THIS MORNINGS DREAM, by Roman Blat

This Mornings Dream
By Roman Blat

In my dream I was in Puerto Rico, and I got threatened and punked in a most casual yet deadly way by some drug Kingpin. It was unpleasant but I did not push back. I was certain, I would be shot on the spot. I calmly and sturdily acknowledged his treat and told him I will see myself out. And so I did.

Feature Film: Sentinels of Tzurac- Zarkwin’s Revenge, by James Raven & Danielle Kaheaku

TITLE of STORY : Sentinels of Tzurac- Zarkwin’s Revenge

WRITTEN BY: James Raven & Danielle Kaheaku

GENRE: Sci- Fi, Action , Adventure

LOGLINE: When the Earth-born Sentinel’s two archenemies escape imprisonment, they join forces with the alien Treldarian army, infusing them with the stolen Xytrinium formula to enhance their powers. The Treldarians launch simultaneous attacks on Earth and its mining outpost Terra Iota seeking control of the Xytrinium reserves, and vengeance against the Earth- born Sentinel. But their efforts are unexpectedly thwarted by a Tzuracian Sentinel turncoat seeking redemption and forgiveness.

Feature Film: Untitled Psychological Thriller, by Jerry Kokich

Title: Untitled Psychological Thriller

Written by: Jerry Kokich

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Logline: What if you discovered you were the reincarnation of a murder victim, and the killer was your own Mother?

Type: Feature Film

Feature Film: Oswald and the End of the World, by Chris A. Wright & Adam Harvey

Title of Story: Oswald and the End of the World
Written by: Chris A. Wright & Adam Harvey

Logline: Arriving on a mysterious island, a misguided teenage boy must save its inhabitants from a tyrannical dictator and an impending collision with a deadly comet.

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
Type: Feature Screenplay



Written by: Lisa E Kirkwood

Logline: Enslaved by hostile aliens for a huge portion of his life, a former resident of Planet Earth finally manages to escape, and travels through space and time to find a way to change the course of his life, by altering other people’s pasts.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Type: TV series, feature

WGA registration # : 1937655

Feature Film: The New School, by Evan R. Schullery

Title of Story: “The New School”

Written by: Evan R. Schullery

Logline: Terrified of the next mass shooting, an embattled veteran teacher at a rural high school obsesses over a troubled new student, but when her warnings go unheeded, her commitment to protecting the school grows increasingly unhinged.

Genre: Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA: 1949481