Feature Film: The Man from the Meadow by Matthew Pundzak

Title of Story: The Man from the Meadow

Written by: Matthew Pundzak

Logline: A pragmatic woman CIA agent is assigned to observe a civilian time-travel project only to discover the man of her dreams is from 1805, but when he asks her to return with him, she refuses and regrets her decision, now she’ll need the help of a rival and risk a crippled time-portal to join him in an adventurous new life.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Type: Feature-Length Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: I315885

Novel: DJINN by Sang Kromah

Title of Story: ‘Djinn’ (Book 1)

Written by: Sang Kromah

Logline: Have you heard the story of the girl? The girl who stole powers meant for the Sun. The girl who couldn’t be found to be protected. The girl meant to save this world and the other. Have you heard? Have you heard?

Genre: Young-Adult Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Type: Novel (Would make an awesome TV series)

Date Published: March 20, 2018

Publisher: Not a Pipe Publishing

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B079L568VB/

Feature Film: LION OF JUDAH LEGACY by Francis “Cisco” E. Anderson

Title of Story: “Lion of Judah Legacy”

Written by: Francis “Cisco” E. Anderson

Logline: The last of Haile Selassie’s line, Marly is given a golden spiff that turns him into a Rastafarian super hero and charged with a mission to lead the Rasta faithful back to the promised land in Ethiopia.

Genre: Action

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: The Seer by Virginia K.

Title: The Seer.

Written by: Virginia K.

Logline : A deeply secret and well networked society of astral travelers seeks to go back in time to the year 1962 through the art of astral projection (the most mystic form of O.B.E), alter the outcome of the crisis between U.S and Russia to create a nuclear war so they can overtake and rule the entire world.

Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy.

Type: Feature screenplay.

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