A series where lies are sniffed out and suspects hounded.

Written By: Dennis Paul.


An intelligent and devoted veterinarian uses her new canine companion to help solve the LAPD’s cold cases while trying to solve the mystery behind her father’s disappearance.

In this pilot episode, we meet Alison Birkett, Professor of Zoology and Veterinary Surgeon, who is riddled with guilt after leaving her father, Walter, alone in Botswana, Africa, following her escape during a surprise attack on their anti-poaching crusade. Along with her mother Jane, Alison must now continue to run Walter’s specialized animal clinic, SPECS, while he remains missing. At the clinic, Alison saves the life of police K9, Turbo, after he was shot and injured during a failed police raid. During his recovery, Alison discovers his lie-detecting ability, which only she can interpret. The brilliant veterinary surgeon and Turbo team up with the LAPD to help them solve their backlog of cases, beginning with the brutal murder of an affluent woman, which has left Lieutenant Cole flabbergasted. By following the obscure clues, hidden evidence, and using her intrinsic connection to Turbo’s abilities, the guilty couple are identified at the eleventh hour and arrested.

Alongside solving crimes, Alison continues with her quest to find her father, as she is confident that he is still alive. The journey to solving his disappearance is full of deception and betrayal, starting with a doctored photograph of her father holding a rifle over a dead elephant, sent to the LAPD. Later, Alison is abruptly visited by a mysterious man from Africa, who leaves her with an African bone symbol representing deception.