DIVERSITY Festival 1st Scene Reading: Death’s Hidden Love, by Ernestina Juarez

A cynical teenage girl views her father’s struggle with depression as a sign of weakness but her attitude toward him changes when an ancestor seeking a lost love saves them both from the wrath of an assassin in a drug cartel.


Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Peter: Sean Ballantyne
Rudy: Shawn Devlin
Chema: Geoff Mays

DIVERSITY Festival 1st Scene Reading: Border Flesh, by Pepe García Gilling

After losing his brother and the only family he has left, 14-year-old Connor encounters Fernanda and her 13-year-old daughter, Bárbara. Both women are Mexican and don’t speak a word of English. Connor, Fernanda and Bárbara must communicate as best they can to survive zombie apocalypse at the México-U.S. border. When they all decide to head North, a series of events unfolds that will ultimately lead Bárbara and Connor to unexpected encounters and unwanted confrontations.


Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Dustin: Geoff Mays

WINNING Short Screenplay: Bentobox, by Victoria Hirakawa-Lee Castro

With his father depolyed overseas in 90s rural America, a little boy of a half Japanese-half American decent connects with is mother through her cooking. After being teased at school for his strange lunches, he struggles to find his idenity between school and home, rejecting his mother in the process.


Narrator: Val Cole
Okasan: Kyana Teresa
Voice/Gardener/Benny: Steve Rizzo
Tim/Jon: Allan Michael Brunet