LOGLINE PITCH: The Time to Rescue Her Is Now, by Danny Karl Fleming

The Time to Rescue Her Is Now

by Danny Karl Fleming

The Time to Rescue Her Is Now is about a girl that falls into a cave in Yosemite National Park and is rescued by three rangers. It is set in the distant future. They become friends and visit many attractions including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Niagara falls. They use a vehicle that is a plane, boat, car, rocket, time machine, etc. It can go many places at the touch of a button.

It is a 4D movie, which is width, length, and depth (just like a 3D movie) with the fourth dimension time included.

Genre:. Science Fiction, Mild Horror, Action

Feature Screenplay


“They’re Watching Us”

Emma and Alexander are two actors…two actors in love. Or are they?

…they’re actors, afterall.

Two actors in a dry spell of work; they can’t seem to land any
parts. And they’re not getting any younger.

But their luck could change…

Alexander finds what could be the perfect opportunity: the chance to
perform as a couple in an immersive theater production.

They audition…

And learn the show is based on a ‘90’s horror film. One with
gratuitous nudity and violence…

They land the roles!

Alexander is excited to play the killer.

Emma agrees to take the part of his lover and final victim. She takes
it for the money and prays no one will know she’s been cast in the
production of “ControlFreak”…

As they perform the salacious love scenes and Emma watches
Alexander’s murder spree unfold, cracks in their relationship

The line between fantasy and reality grows dangerously blurry.

The audience watches them from all sides as they edge toward the final

Be careful who you trust with your life…they might be a truly
brilliant actor.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Avalon, by Brian Whiteman

TITLE of Script: Avalon

Author NAME: Brian Whiteman

Type of screenplay: Feature

Website: http://www.scottishscreenwriter.com

Summary of script:

A Scottish bar owner finds her secrets exposed and her family threatened by a violent criminal from her past.

SYNOPSIS: It’s 2008. Shannon (19) is pretty, and a little cheap. She teases the men at a beach bar in Spain, as jealous lover RAY (43) looks on. Bartender DUKES cautions her this is not a safe game. Ray’s powerful. Connected. Ruthless. Worse, Ray’s sadistic right-hand man GAV doesn’t like the way Shannon has Ray wrapped around her finger. It’s bad for business. And Gav likes the business. Especially when he can hurt people.

Shannon makes a mistake when she flirts with the wrong guy, handsome Scotsman NICK. Suddenly, a real connection is there—an irresistible flame. They sneak away when they can, to a private island they call their AVALON. But Ray keeps sending Gav after them. Gav grows more frustrated, especially when sent to babysit Nick and make sure the guy leaves Spain.

Then Shannon sees an opportunity. She steals all the money from Ray’s safe and gets the hell out of Spain, back to Scotland and her older sister JENNIFER. Gav is livid. Blames Ray for being weak. Grabbing a baseball bat, Gav beats Ray to death.

Now Gav’s in charge. He wants Shannon—but Dukes offers him a deal…

PRESENT DAY, Scotland. Shannon’s under the thumb of protective, controlling Jennifer. The two sisters run their own bar, but Jennifer makes the decisions. Shannon’s teen daughter JAMIE is the heart of their lives, even if the teen thinks her mom is Jennifer. Everything changes when Nick walks in. The old feelings are there, even with no contact in almost 15 years. Jennifer’s carefully built control starts to slip. Shannon wants Nick! Jennifer fears losing her sister and her surrogate child.

She can’t let that happen.

Back in Spain, Gav makes a fatal mistake by raping and killing a 14-year-old girl marked for human trafficking. His boss sends a few heavies to demand $100K. Or else. Gav knows where to get it. That long-ago deal with Dukes is about to pay off.

Meanwhile Nick realizes Jamie is his daughter and is convinced he and Shannon should be together. Jennifer grows angrier as she feels herself losing control, especially once Shannon starts intervening in parenting decisions. The sudden arrival of Gav threatens the last vestiges of power she has. When Gav kidnaps Jamie, she breaks.

The stakes rise in bloody fights and desperate chases. All Shannon wants is her freedom, with Nick and her daughter. She’s willing to kill Gav to make that happen—and almost does. It’s with his blood on his hands that she faces Jennifer and Jamie. But as a train rushes toward them, will Jennifer be able to let go?

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Dangerous Ground, by Brian Whiteman

Title of Script: Dangerous Ground

Author: Brian Whiteman

Type of Screenplay: Feature

Website: http://www.scottishscreenwriter.com

Torn between his love for two sisters, furious at his father for submitting to the Nazis, a young college student faces the choice of a lifetime when he must decide if he will join the occupation… or the resistance.

SYNOPSIS: 2020. The Swastika flies over Scotland. It’s been more than 70 years since the failed Allied invasion at Normandy, yet the Resistance is still strong. A secret network of spies and freedom fighters operate out of Catholic churches, hiding the names of their members in church ledgers. The Americans and Soviets are poised to help liberate the country. The time for action is NOW.

College student DAVID WALLACE has no idea how crucial he’s about to be. He’s just a normal guy, hanging out in the pub with his buddies, dating a pretty girl, being frustrated by the usual father/son arguments, steering clear of the more intense Nazis at school, especially arrogant classmate SIMON. Then David’s ex, LOUISE, returns after a year away… to find David dating her younger sister. She pushes that aside. She has bigger problems. She just blew up a Nazi police car and accidentally killed some people. Now, she needs David’s help. Why? Louise is a spy for the Resistance.

Her handler, JB, and his aide ROCKY, are determined to push the Nazis back. Especially now that the SS seems to be focusing on Catholic churches, and Simon is purging the school of Resistance sympathizers. What do the Nazis really want, though? They want to cut off the head of the resistance—STUART. Who happens to be David’s uncle, and who’s supposed to be dead.

That’s why David becomes the center of schemes and traps and plots. Simon and the Nazis want to use him to find and arrest Louise. JB and Rocky want Louise to get David into the Resistance because that will force Stuart to reveal himself, be captured, and let THEM take over the movement. They aren’t OK with Stuart’s subtle plans. They’re ready for guns and bombs. Louise wants to use David because her parents are missing, and the deal to get them back involves David.

All around David, things are changing. He’s never had to take action before. Complaining had seemed enough. But now, one friend is beaten in an alley, his uncle’s life is threatened, another friend is captured by Simon and waterboarded, his father urges him to stay out of it, and Louise’s parents are at risk. He has to decide.
He chooses liberation. And on one passionate night, he chooses Louise again. It’s the last peaceful moment for a while. Why? The twists are coming fast. Rocky is revealed to be a Nazi spy. JB is killed. The ledgers are confiscated and now all the Resistance is in danger. David must blow up a church and blame it on Simon to change national opinion and drive the country to enraged action. Louise must risk it all to meet her parents at a secret rendezvous, even if it’s a trap.

As everyone converges, identities will be revealed, lives lost, plots thwarted… but can David and Louise save the day, and begin the path to a free Scotland?

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: A Time to Heel, by Steven M. Goldberg

Title Of Storyline-“A Time To Heal”

Author Name: Steven M. Goldberg:

Type Of Screenplay: Feature Film

Summary Of Storyline:

Never Before has a Mission meant so much to a World In Crisis. “A Time To Heal” is Heartwarming Story of the very dangerous rescue mission of Ethiopian Jews to their Motherland with triumphs, tragedies and many surprises along the way and how it relates to healing the current crises of race and religious relations today. “A Time To Heal” is based on a true story but offers resolutions, ideas and alternatives to healing social injustice at a time when we need it the most.

Never before has the moment demanded a motion picture with the vision and drive in diversity to speak to the cause of truth, justice, unity and peace!!! If ever there was a film with universal appeal ,Steven M. Goldberg Productions is proud to present “A Time To Heal”!!!


Title of Script: The Calling

Author Name: Reggie Cook

Type of Screenplay: TV Pilot

Website: http://www.ARK7EVEN.COM

Email: rcook@ark7even.com

Logline: The Calling is a biblically-based tv drama in which seven ordinary individuals protected by a band of angels, engage in spiritual warfare against demonic forces, after God grants each of them the supernatural gift of healing.

Summary of Script: On an unusually dismal summer morning in sultry Atlanta, Georgia, seven people with no connection to each other, are bestowed by God with the ability to heal any sickness or disease, including the removal of addictions. They can cast out demons and even raise the dead. Their number includes a ten-year old boy, a Mexican drug cartel leader, a fake faith healing preacher, a self-centered teenager, a grieving hair stylist, a doctor who’s an atheist, and an ordinary housewife.

But to whom much is given, much is required, and on that same day the forces of antagonism and resistance rise up in the form of a group of demons, who set out to control or destroy these seven. Like any gifted individual, their miraculous ability can be a tremendous blessing, but complicates their lives and everyone else’s around them.

But God has not left them to fight this fight alone. A band of angels lead by the archangel, Gabriel, show up to protect and guide these seven through their calling from one season to the next, where they will contend with challenges, in this world and the supernatural, that will push them past the limits of human endurance, to the glorious fulfillment of prophesy, well beyond anyone’s comprehension.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Soldiers Of God, by Guy Quigley



Line teaser:

A US Military doctor is shaken when he cannot save the life an identical twin who returns from the hereafter to make amends for her indiscretion with him when he was her sister’s fiancé. She must reconcile the love he had for her sister and introduce him to his unknown daughter.


Jack Dalton and Megan Clark are medical students and an item. Megan’s rebellious identical twin Juliet has a thing for Jack. After a night of drinking, Juliet and Jack have a sexual encounter creating a rift between her, Megan and the entire family. Juliet joins the military and starts working in Veteran’s Hospitals. Her interlude with Jack leaves her pregnant; she tells nobody and goes it alone. Three years later, Juliet is now a top-tier ER specialist and is blown up assisting the wounded on Route Irish in Iraq . Her flax jacket and Kevlar helmet protects her upper body but her lower body is badly broken. She is airlifted to CSH in the Green Zone where Jack is now a Military doctor attending to her wounds. Jack in devastated as she dies on the operating table. Later in the morgue her spirit arises out of her body and with the help of the white-suited handsome Mr. Saint, assigned to her case, her task is to try and make Jack aware he has a daughter called Meg.

There is a wealth of confusion when they return home a meet up with twin sister Megan, as little Meg finds it hard to know who’s who, while Juliet, whom only Jack can see; starts to create mischief in a bid to reunite Jack and Megan. This is in spite of the fact Megan is in the throws of marrying another man. Megan is of the impression that the her twin sister is haunting her with all the strange happenings going on. With the assistance of the ever demanding Mr. Saint and two of Juliet’s military friends, it all is resolved on Megan’s wedding day. Juliet has lived up to her promise and made their family whole once again and then Mr. Saint takes her towards to the gates of heaven, where she finally learns who he is?

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Christians – Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile, by Tony Gioutsos & Linda Wright


Logline: Exploring the harrowing times of Christian persecution in history, a devoted present-day Christian named Christos, a brilliant mathematician, loses his family and his way due to pride and the love of money; can he find his way back? A truly Epic portrayal of Christians throughout history….

Pitch: The Passion of the Christ meets It’s a Wonderful Life

“LORD, IS HE GOING TO DIE?” That’s what the viewer is unsure of as they view CHRISTOS ICHTHYS as he laid beaten, bloodied, and maimed in an antiquated prison cell in the Middle East. Let’s go back in time. Our story begins when Christos, as a very young boy, discovers he has supernatural powers. Tormented by nightmare after nightmare, Christos finds himself awakened to the frightening horrors of reliving the past deaths of the ancient Martyrs. Through his supernatural abilities, Christos “feels” their death. But, after each nightmare, Christos SEES a DOVE fly off into the sky. Shaken to the core, Christos’ daily quest becomes to find the deeper meaning of all of it and what does it have to do with him. But, he’s reluctant to share it with anyone for fear of ridicule. By the time Christos hits high school, he proudly confesses he is a Christian and taps into his excellent abilities in sports and science and math with a keen sensibility to the mystical realm. He excels at everything he does and “wants to change the world.” However, due to lack of understanding why he can “feel” and “see” these Martyrs being persecuted for their Christian faith, Christos finds himself in a war between the Lord and the world. After Christos marries the love of his life, DAWN, he finds deep support for his brilliant mathematical mind. But when the demands of a family and his boss’ demands on his ground-breaking Algorithms enter his life, Christos starts to veer off his God-ordained path for the sake of money. Suddenly, he finds himself jetting all over the world, leaving his family and true responsibilities behind. One day, Christos is made a million dollar offer to buy out his patents. Even though he goes off to pray to God and to look for his “dove” confirmation, he doesn’t find one or peace. Concerned, Christos’ best friend and partner, CUZ, confronts him: “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Brushing him aside, Christos declares he will do what he wants and ends up compulsively selling his company and his soul. Dawn and Cuz can only watch as Christos walks away from God and — his pride becomes his fall. Meanwhile, Christos’ decision had even deeper complications. His children no longer desire to be around him and Dawn finds herself rejected for the sake of money. When Cuz suddenly quits the business and moves to Egypt, Christos entertains his pain through alcohol and strip joints. Oblivious to the unraveling of his family, Christos is stunned when Dawn leaves him. As the nightmares start to reoccur, Christos finds himself totally lost in a world he never meant to be in. A story so emotional you’ll cry and be on the edge of your seats. A story you just can’t push aside because your heart will be open to the ones that have already laid their lives down for the glory of God. You will find yourself rooting for Christos all the way to the very last page when the question “LORD, IS HE GOING TO DIE?” is answered.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Lady Liberty: The Sherman Skolnick Story, by Nelson S. Thall


Type of Screenplay: Feature Film

Summary of Script: Story: Lady Liberty is the really true moment-by-moment non-fictionalized dramatic story of a political activist and freedom fighter aka ‘Citizen Gadfly’ Sherman Skolnick and his quest for Justice against a Corrupt Cabal of State of Illinois High Court Judges. He wins back money swindled from his parents and exposes Judicial Corruption in the High Courts during the 1960’s and ’70’s. It is a story of the little man overcoming Goliathan-sized hurdles in a Life and Death Struggle.

Plot: Skolnick becomes an ‘Amici Curiae’, (formal legal) meaning a ‘Friend of the Court’, where he uses ‘Guerrilla Law Tactics,’ and ‘Closet Work’, to Impeach and Imprison 60 Judges of the Illinois High Courts. He defines “Guerilla Law” as unorthodox but legal means of fighting Judicial Impropriety.

His Methods: Skolnick used the Legal Motion “there has been Fraud upon this Court,” before ‘Dirty Judges’ who must be disqualified from Court because of proven Bias.

Action: Skolnick goes to ‘”War” to root out Corruption rampant in the Illinois Judiciary. The stage was set for dramatic action.

Big-City Daily Newspaper Headlines Read: “HIGH COURT JUDGE LINKED TO BANK DEAL.” Chicago’s newspapers were beginning to agree with Skolnick’s linking the State’s Chief Justice’s personal finances together with the “High Court’s Decisions” in important Criminal Cases.

Judge Healy subpoenaed Skolnick into his Court and tried to force him to reveal his sources. Skolnick vowed never to reveal his sources “no matter how long they keep me in jail.” Thus Skolnick went to jail amid much favorable publicity and won the Public’s sympathy for his plight.

Immediately the State-appointed Commission sided with Skolnick, and Recommended the Removal of the Corrupt Judges and the F.B.I. used Skolnick to put many other Judges into Jail.


Time Magazine in ’69 said it was,”Skolnick’s Guerrilla War”
This is the Story of How Sherman Skolnick became The “Great American Judge-Buster”
Time Magazine wrote…
Sherman Skolnick,”..carved a full-time career as a modern-day Robin Hood for the law’s many losers.”
News of Sherman’s Triumph reached The White House.
nderdog Shocks the System! Citizen gadfly becomes public hero!
Invented “Guerrilla-Law” Tactics.
Imprisoned High Court Judges.
Cleaned-Up The Courts.
Rescued the Downtrodden.
Balanced the Scales of Justice.
Lady Liberty Is How Sherman Skolnick Became
“The Great American Judge-Buster” (The New York Times)

Raison D’Etre: We all have our own handicaps of one sort or another that we need to overcome and learn to use to our advantage. Skolnick’s methods can teach everyone how to make the best of their handicap, physical, emotional, cerebral or spiritual.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Plategate: Your Implanted Forehead, by Lorraine Holmes Milton

Type of Screenplay: TV Pilot

Website and Social Media:
Facebook: Plategate and lomilt
Twitter: @lomilt
Instagram: LadyLomilt
Linkedin: lomilt

Summary of script:

That headache or high blood pressure is probably that microchip SIDE EFFECT!

Plategate: Obstruction of Injustice, book series (1,2,3,4) – FEDS implanted “Wiretap” GPS Microchip PLATE into Americans Forehead. The books were written to give the people information about the FEDS atrocious, deplorable, and despicable tactics. Lonely the truth, innocent unknowing people can seek medical treatment to many diseases that are side effects of the MICROCHIP PLATE. It has been implanted, especially Black people, fir approximately one – hundred years – yes, Harriet Tubman , Dr. Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks had the plate.

When I noticed the impressions of the GPS Microchip PLATE in celebrities forehead, such as, President Obama, Oprah, and Jay – Z (2014), I immediately sounded the alarm – and Tweeted all three of them – many times. Millions of people, especially people of color, particularly Black people have the PLATE. They are not aware that an illegal, unjust, immoral, Microchip was covertly placed in their heads while they were hospitalized , beauty shop or sleep in their beds (Space Aliens); the DANGER OF THE MICROCHIP: Brain Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Mental Disorders (Depression, ADHD/ ADD, Autism, etc) , Stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers/Dementia, Lymphedema, Diabetes, and many other diseases.