Top FEMALE FESTIVAL Screenplay Loglines for September 2019

Female Festival Short Script: Loon Lodge by Cindy Eastman

Female Festival Short Script: All on the Family by Brie Wilson

Female Festival Feature Script: Wheat Dandy, by Anna Patterson

Female Festival Feature Script: Walk of Shame, by Anna Bielkheden

Female Festival Feature Script: Washed Out, by Sonia Ait & Fourate Chahal

Top FEATURE SCREENPLAY Loglines for September 2019

Feature Script: Untitled Drag Racing Feature, by Jerry Kokich

Feature Script: MUTANT SPECIMEN L, by David Orange

Feature Script: How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce, by Erin Keefer Reich

Feature Script: THE POWER TO CHOOSE, by Toyosha Upshaw

Feature Script: HEARTLESS, by Roy Phillips

Feature Script: THE MUSTACHE, by Gisela Savdie

Feature Script: UNDER THE ROSE, by Jude Quintiere

LA Festival Feature Script: LUNA, by BAENI Fortuné

LA Festival Feature Script: HALFWAY HOME, by David J Schroeder

LA Festival Feature Script: SPECULATION, by Kristen Butler, Jacob Johnston

LA Festival Feature Script: Paths of Promise, by Donna Grisanti

LA Festival Feature Script: What A Coincidence, by Taofeek Adekunle

LA Festival Feature Script: SHAGGY, by Ella Dawoud

LA Festival Feature Script: The Legend Of Chang Woo, by A.Elaine Carlisle

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: ABANDONWITCH, by Sarah K Watson

Feature Script: THE RUMSPRINGA INCIDENT, by David Orange

Feature Script: CHARLIE’S JOURNEYS, by P.A. Brown

Feature Script: RAINBOW, by Jason W. Johnson

Feature Script: UNKNOWN WOMAN, by Yura Shevchuk

LA Festival Feature Script: Nirvana Road, by Michael Hilow

LA Festival Feature Script: This American and Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower VANUNU Mordechai, by Eileen Fleming

LA Festival Feature Script: Blinded Justice, by Chakravarti DESIKAN

LA Festival Feature Script: Beauty’s Daughter, by Philile Dlamini

LA Festival Feature Script: Rush Week, by Michael Bretten

LA Festival Feature Script: RISES TO THRONE, by Jonah Ocuto

Top SHORT SCREENPLAY Loglines for September 2019

1st Scene Festival Short Script: Tolerance, by David Espina

LGBT Short Script: The Little Death, by Daniel Appleby

LA Festival Short Script: INTEGRATION, by Chris Fischer

LA Festival Short Script: Judge Me, by Esmeralda James

LA Festival Short Script: THE KING’S PAINTING, by Manolis Damianakis

LA Festival Short Script: SOUND CHECK, by Joshua Bohnsack

LA Festival Short Script: Water footsteps, by Gholsm hoseyn jalali

LA Festival Short Script: CATATONIA, by Mike Greene

LA Festival Short Script: STREETLIGHT, by Banjo Carmichael

LA Festival Short Script: RUIN AGENCY, by Tyeisha Downer

LA Festival Short Script: OCEAN’S EMPTINESS, by Michele Gentile

LA Festival Short Script: MEET CHLOE, by Firat Ersen

LA Festival Short Script: Eternal Freedom, by Mazin Sherabayani

Top ANIMATION Screenplay Loglines for September 2019

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: The Underwater Story. Leda and Metida, by Alexander Chernega

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: Why Must Man’s Best Friend Be a Dog?, by Anna Patterson

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: LAS NOGAS, by Catya Plate

Top TV FESTIVAL Loglines for September 2019

TV Festival Logline: Sinnerman, by Benjamin Field

TV Festival Logline: KING ELIZABETH, by Henry Cline

TV Festival Logline: Mighty Booty, by Jami Rhodes

TV Festival Logline: Hardball, by Charity Dorrance

TV Festival Logline: The Chosen, by Ellie Fiander

TV Festival Logline: NO ORDINARY GIRL, by Cheryl Elaine & Nick Zabierek

TV Festival Logline: GANGSTERS, by Vittorio Adinolfi

TV Script: PRINCESS. IN REVERSE, by David Chester

TV Script: PEACH, by Jack Watkins

TV PILOT: Mrs. mD, by Mary Kate Allen

TV Show: Hidden Fears of Supremacy, by Jason D. Holland

Top COMEDY Screenplay Loglines for September 2019

COMEDY Festival Short Script: Love You More, by Jenna McCarthy

COMEDY Festival Short Script: Can’t Drive a Stick, by CHRISTAN VAN SLYKE

COMEDY Festival Feature Script: For Better or For Worse, by Clara Bijl

COMEDY Festival Short Script: The Real Family, by Damian Leibovich


Top NOVEL Loglines for September 2019

NOVEL: SAMANTHA, by Cheryl Campbell

NOVEL: Another Way to Die (Sam Leroy Book 4), by Philip Cox

NOVEL: The Afrikaner, by Arianna Dagnino


Novel: The Disney Dilemma: to thaw or not to thaw?, by Wayne Edmiston