Feature Script Logline: PREACHING LIES, by Denora M. Boone

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A dope dealing pastor tries to keep up the façade of a righteous life when secrets from his past show up and threatens to bring down his holy house of cards with his unsuspecting daughter caught in the crossfires.

Writer Biography – Denora M. Boone
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Denora M. Boone is the CEO of Anointed Inspirations Publishing, LLC as well as the author of over 20 independent Christian Fiction bestsellers. Mrs. Boone grew up in Milledgeville, Ga and began penning stories for fun during her middle and high school years. After a traumatic experience in her life, God led her to write about it in her first series “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” which hit #1 on it’s release day. From then on it has been nothing but successful novels after the next.

Not only does she love being an author that brings God’s word to the world but she is also blessed to be able to help other believers under AIP share their messages as well. Denora resides with her husband Byron of almost seventeen years and their four children. She looks to one day open a group home for young girls as well as bring all of her books to the big screen and television.

Denora is the recipient of the 2015 AAMBC Literary Award for Christian Fiction Author of the Year and nominated for the same award for both 2016 and 2017. She also holds the 2017 MBP Award for Christian Fiction Author of the year.

You can look forward to meeting and greeting Denora during Essence Fest 2018 and keep up to date with all releases and appearances.
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Writer Statement

I like to write relatable books that inspire and cause people to want a closer relationship with God. It’s real, raw, and sometimes a little ratchet but that’s life. My writings will get you saved and lit!

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Short Script Logline: THE DOG BOX, by Maya Adam


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When she gets turned away from a purebred-only talent showcase, a young mutt must prove herself in order to earn her place in the spotlight. In a world where every human has a canine alter ego, Misty teaches everyone what real stars are made of.

Writer Biography – Maya Adam
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Maya Adam is Director of Health Media Innovation and a faculty member in the Pediatrics Dept. of Stanford Medicine. Before studying medicine, she spent 10 years as a professional ballet dancer.

Writer Statement

In order to grow and change our minds forever, something has to shift inside our hearts first. Great entertainment touches the heart before it changes the mind.


Feature Script Logline: HellSlayer: Devil’s Play, by Joshua C. Alomar

0bd6d73066 posterA possessed witch preys on a runaway teenager walking through her woods. She thinks he’s an easy catch, but little does she know he has a destructive power unlike anything she’s ever encountered before. Only one thing’s for sure – This will be a HELL of a fight!

Writer Biography – Joshua C. Alomar

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Joshua started his career in the film industry as the bestfriend of a full sail film student, Eddie Marrero. Having only been a serial entrepreneur for the last decade he was inspired to start a film company with his bestfriend and Epic Mars Media was born. After two years and delay after delay from launching their first short film, he started his own film studio, Secret Film Studios, where he could launch his creatively crazy films without any restrictions. Now he’s back with a full feature horror film: Hellslayer: Devil’s Play which he’s all in on finding production investment for to launch as a first time director. Only time will tell if he will succeed. He’s been a screenwriter for the last 3 years.


Feature Screenplay (Comedy)

2020 Flight Deck Festival’s Best Feature Screenplay and Award Winning “McLUCKY’S ST. PADDY’S DAY BAR CRAWL”

Connor (McLucky) (42) wishes to rekindle an old flame and redeem himself with some old friends while hosting a traditional St. Paddy’s Day Bar Crawl Competition. Of recent, Connor has struggled and has been haunted by some questionable life choices he has made in the past but hopes he has matured enough to win back his one true love, TIFFANY (35). During the competition Connor’s friends; QUINCY (60) struggles with marital woes, ANGELO (30) looks for an out from working with his father DEMETRIS (65), and MARCY (51) and DARBY (41) find themselves competing for the ultimate bar crawl crown as they fend off rivals and previous champions KIP (25) and PATRICK (22). As Connor searches for redemption and lost love, he is challenged by the loss of his close and dear friend EDDY (47). Also, one of Connor’s best friends LIAM (43) competes for attention as a competing St. Paddy’s Day host who continues to take the spotlight from Connor’s yearly tradition and persona. During, Connor and Tiffany have enough issues they need to work through from their previous relationship. And adding AVRIL (36) an Irish step dancer from Ireland who Connor spent a one-night stand after year’s previous bar crawl, becomes a climatic rival that adds to the mix. Can Connor redeem himself with old friends? Will husband and wife, father and son make amends? Who will win the ultimate bar crawl crown? And most importantly, can Connor not only resist temptation but reconcile with Tiffany before it’s too late?