Feature Film: He Tried To Kill Me…. He Died!!! by Gail B. Robinson

Title : He Tried To Kill Me…. He Died!!!

Written by: Gail B. Robinson

Genre: Family, Drama, Crime

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration #: 1290035


Beautiful, smart and successful is what they have in common but will later find the horrific tragedy that had taken place in their bloodlines. Lies, deceit, and bad choices in men will have them cross paths and reveal their truth. He Tried to Kill Me…He Died!! Tells the story of… Secrets! 32 Years! Shocking Revelations! and Their lives will never be the same.

Feature Film: Coffee For Three by Hollis Jef Pirkey

Coffee For Three
Written by Hollis Jef Pirkey

A monster in the house, psychological thriller about sleep and coffe

Claire, a young fashion expert laments her lack of sleep and poor relationships, haunted by gruesome dreams of her ex-beaus deaths, but meets a familiar cop, allowing him in, only to find he is the source of all her problems. She’s forced to save herself, and others from the killer cop.

Thriller, Psychocologlical Thriller

Feature length


Feature Film: IT’S NOT YOU IT’S US by Rebecca Sommi Fisher

Title: It’s Not You, It’s Us

Written by: Rebecca Sommi Fisher

Logline: This is the story of two young women who launch a break up agency for players who don’t have the time or the inclination to do the deed themselves. The name of the agency: ‘It’s not you, it’s us’.

Genre: Rom Com

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration No: 1739818

Feature Film: Sherlock Holmes vs The Zombies by Jerry Kokich

“Sherlock Holmes vs The Zombies” by Jerry Kokich

Sherlock Holmes must work with his arch enemy to stop a zombie plague.


Feature Screenplay

WGA REG 1941117

Short Film: PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY by Antonia Woodward. Dir. Berry Salem

Title of Story: Parental Responsibility

Written by: Antonia Woodward

Directed by : Berry Salem

produced by : Berry Salem

Log-line: Parental Responsibility is a story about a troubled teenager Chelsea who is desperately in need of a home after running away from her mother and abusive stepfather. She seeks help from the Housing Department, and to her horror, she is allocated a social worker who is self-absorbed and cares more about her cats and checklists than providing appropriate support.

Chelsea suddenly finds herself placed with a strict Africa woman who cares, however, due to Chelsea past trauma, Chelsea is continuing trying to sabotage the placement and rejects the love shown to her by her foster mother breaking the house rules. How will the foster mother deal with a teenager who is emotionally detached and maintains her sanity? How will the situation unravel with the clash of cultures, and an incompetent social

Genre: Drama, comedy

Type: Short Screenplay


TITLE OF FEATURE-LENGTH SCREENPLAY: “DISTURBING DREAMS OF HAUNTING MEMORIES” – W.G.A. – West, Registration #1964403 (Effective Date: 8/23/2018 – Expiration Date: 8/23/2023)


LOGLINE: A, feature-length, psycho-thriller screenplay (inundated with, surreal, macabre, retrospective, sequential dreams), wherein undeterred psychopathic homicides prevail within a, lowbrow, small-town setting.