Feature Film: BOWLING AND FUN by Sean Delecroix & Olivier Gissot

Title : Bowling and Fun

Written by Sean Delecroix & Olivier Gissot

Logline :
Desperate to save his company from bankruptcy, Jacob Johnson, a specialist in bowling alley maintenance putting work before his family, accepts a contract job at the White family’s business in a remote Maine town.
Arriving at the bowling alley, J.J and his team unwittingly stumble upon an ancestral pagan celebration in which the hidden aspirations of the family members will bring about an outburst of violence tinged with evil beliefs. J.J must perilously attempt to escape this evil, provoking him to confront what is truly important in his life… his family.

Genre : Horror

Type : Long feature

TV SHOW: SOBER by Julie A. May

Title of Story: Sober

Written by: Julie A. May

Logline: When the addicted and non-addicted worlds collide for a newly homeless and unemployed woman, Andrea’s survival turns into an unexpected life lesson. Her real life struggle of rising from her downfall is challenged by living with housemates trying to conquer their demons of addiction at a Los Angeles sober house.

Genre: Drama

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: 1963687

Feature Film: Ricky Roo by David T. Duty

Title of Story: Ricky Roo

Written by: David T. Duty

Logline: When a young boy makes a Christmas wish that his Father’s toyshop not be overrun by a greedy tycoon, he discovers that miracles take on all shapes and sizes as an enchanted teddy bear comes to life to help save the toyshop and restore hope to the town.

Genre: Animation

Type: Feature Screenplay

TV Show: Cold War Charlie by Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag

Logline: A female double agent infiltrates America’s nuclear missile systems during the height of the Cold War.

Genre: Action/Thriller

Written By: Major Cheryl Agbunag, US Air Force Intelligence Officer & former Nuclear Missile Launch Officer


WGA Registration: 1976377 Script (TV PILOT)
WGA Registration: 1976378 TV Pilot 3 Season Overview

Short Film: Pen & Pencil: Spring Break by Devone Jones

Title of story: Pen & Pencil: Spring Break

Written by: Devone Jones

Logline: Samantha has to take an elective in order to graduate, but cannot afford the class. Peter signs up for an art competition, but when Peter and Pencil goes missing, Samantha and Pen has to take their place.

Genre: Animation

Type: Short Screenplay

Feature Film: BIRD LORD by Shilumon Joseph

Title of story: Bird Lord
Written by: Shilumon Joseph

Genre: Science Fiction, Action

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGC Register number: S17-01126

Logline: The ability to communicate with the birds and commanding them is really a superpower. ‘Bird Lord’ is the story of those who have converted the abilities of the birds into a very powerful air force by commanding and organizing them.