NOVEMBER 2019 – Read the best of TV SHOW SCRIPT pitches from around the world:

LA Festival TV SHOW: Fame-Thirsty, by Gabriel Molnar

TV PILOT: My life is not in a box don’t get it twisted, by Antonia Jackson

TV PILOT: The Mobsters Boss, by Dana Olita

TV PILOT: The Creeper’s Lounge, by Steven Stark

TV PILOT: Change Begins With A Whisper, by Patricia Williams

TV PILOT: Goodfella Pizza, by Drew Henriksen, Anthony Mangano

TV PILOT: Kali’s Children, by Sarah K Watson

TV PILOT: Brimstone, by Jake Wieners

TV Pilot: Blair Hills, by D. Sidney Potter

Female Festival TV Script: CHASING CHAOS, by Mary Anthony

TV Show: Kamden Krest, by Melody Lucas

TV Show: BLIND DETECTIVE, by Jerry Sammers

TV Show: The Misadventures of Joe Bliss, by Ron Hewski

NOVEMBER 2019 – Read the best of LGBT SCRIPT pitches from around the world:

LGBT Festival Script: Téga’s Continuum, by Success Akpojotor

LGBT Festival Feature Script: Piratical, by Linda Miraim Aziz-Zadeh

LGBT Festival Feature Script: Timber and Rawhide, by Danielle Wolff

NOVEMBER 2019 – Read the best of COMEDY SCRIPT pitches from around the world:

COMEDY Script: Sunset Strip, by Alexander Osman

COMEDY Script: ROOTLESS, by Arshia Zeinali

Comedy Script: The Assassination of Donald Trump, by D. Sidney Potter

Comedy Script: The Pact, by Saud Dowaihy

Comedy Script: FURniversity, by G. Robert Daily, Matthew Newton

NOVEMBER 2019 – Read the best of FEATURE SCRIPT pitches from around the world:

LA Festival Feature Script: The Music Man and The Music Man:Other Dimensions, by Moonyani Write

LA Festival Feature Script: North Country Boy, by Jonathan Mackenzie

LA Festival Feature Script: A Brooklyn Christmas, by Drew Henriksen, Anthony Mangano

1st Scene Feature Script: The Passing Play, by Firat Ersen

1st Scene Festival: Mandragora, by Adonis de la Cruz Vásquez

Feature Script: AN AMERICAN WOMAN, by William D. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Feature Script: BRIDES OF JESUS, by Joe Bartone

Feature Script: THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT FINCH, by Talisha Elger

LA Festival Script: The Run Around, by Alex Leopardi, Jovanny Alfonso

LA Festival Script: The Flip, by D. Sidney Potter

LA Festival Script: Along the Way, by Alex Leopardi

LA Festival Script: Border Flesh, by Pepe García Gilling

LA Festival Feature Script: ABANDONWITCH, by Sarah K Watson

LA Festival Feature Script: Adam and E.V.E., by Malcolm Carter

Feature Script: Cleopatra’s Revenge, by Robert Marshall Tartell

NOVEMBER 2019 – Read the best of SHORT SCRIPT pitches from around the world:

Short Script: LOVE ME WITH YOUR HEART, by Luzineia Santos

1st Scene Short Script: Bears and Trees, by Reza Shahriari

1st Scene Festival Short Script: The Method, by Jill Robi

Female Festival Short Script: 8 hours, by Chibueze Okeke

LA Festival Short Script: Bears and Trees, by Reza Shahriari

LA Festival Script: Unknown, by Troy Higgins, Halley McCluskey

LA Festival Short Script: Judah in Fire, by Nima Hassan Beigi

LA Festival Short Script: Asking for Forgiveness, by Heidi Barrientes

LA Festival Short Script: ALL THIS DEATH, by Kerry E. Wagner

LA Festival Short Script: MMA, by Marek Zalewski

LGBT Festival Script: Téga’s Continuum, by Success Akpojotor

2f71b3a2f0 posterWhen a screwed-up activist goes rogue to defend her brother-in-law accused of rape, she must save herself from herself.

Writer Biography – Success Akpojotor

D9c9b3d516 headshot

Success Akpojotor (born Success Ogheneyogaga Akpojotor on 3 January 1990), a graduate of the University of Benin’s Department of History and International Studies, is a novelist, screenwriter, short story writer, playwright, bard, and filmmaker. He is author of the wildly popular “Sex and Lagos City” and is impassioned about Gender issues, and in 2017 was appointed Ambassador by the Fundación César Egido Serrano, Madrid.

LA Festival Script: Unknown, by Troy Higgins, Halley McCluskey

A2fb65d0e8 posterIn an unassuming Alaskan town, the US military has a dark secret. GENERAL ADOFF and MAJOR BRINX know the dangers involved, but this doesn’t stop them from their pursuits of developing the perfect tool for war. While experimenting with teleportation, their machines accidently bring something back, and it’s not of our world.


Writer – Troy Higgins, Halley McCluskey

LA Festival Script: The Run Around, by Alex Leopardi, Jovanny Alfonso

Logline: All she wants is to reconnect with her deadbeat dad, but when he parties too hard one night, she’s dragged into a wild, hopeless hunt for his cell phone with photos that could land them both in deep trouble.

“The Run Around” combines elements of “We’re the Millers” and “The House.” Straight-A college freshman, JESSICA (Laura Marano-type), wants to reconnect with her father, DANIEL, after years of a rocky relationship. She even ditches her wild spring break plans to visit him. The problem is that he keeps forgetting he’s a father and that his daughter is in town to be with him. One nice day full of emotional conversation and re-connection, is followed by a night of partying for Daniel…without Jessica. When he returns, he’s in a daze, but he knows he’s in a jam that he can’t get out of on his own. In his drunken state, he thought he’d be able to get out of his debt to the area’s biggest drug dealer by catching him in mid-transaction on his cell phone. But it’s hard to be stealthy when you’re on countless drugs and alcohol. Now he needs help finding his phone before the dealer does something more than just make him settle his debt. Somehow, he ropes Jessica into helping him chase down his phone, though it won’t be easy. It’s one thing after another as father and daughter race around town chasing one foggy memory after another.

Writer Biography – Alejandro Leopardi, Jovanny Alfonso

D1c37a0eea headshot

I’ve sold a feature-length drama/action that is being premiered in Toronto, Canada this month. In addition, I have also had female-driven thriller and a romantic comedy optioned. Additionally, another script of mine, a coming-of-age story, won Best Narrative at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.

I have worked as producer on six short films, including writing and directing three of those short films.

In addition to screenwriting, I also write short stories and have been a freelance writer and editor for over a decade.

Writer Statement

I strive to write works that resonate with a wide array of audiences.

LA Festival Script: The Flip, by D. Sidney Potter

Da8cef463d posterA man witnesses his life story to a journalist about his rise and fall in real estate, flipping homes, family and racial struggles. Yet despite his success and falls, multiple conflicts ensue around as he climbs to the top of success.

Writer Biography – D. Sidney Potter

27226c6e66 headshot

The author had earned his living as a real estate broker before embarking on a writing career. Mr. Potter has been a contributing writer to several of the following periodicals: American Thinker,, Inman Real Estate, Enter Stage Right, iReport (CNN), Dissident Voice, (apart of MSNBC), and The Huffington Post. In addition, Mr. Potter has a BA in Political Science, 2 MBA’s and part of a doctorate degree from Pepperdine.