Feature Script: VELCRO :-), by Jason Chertoff

It’s 2030, a decade after a novel virus killed millions of Americans. Much like after any crisis, students are learning about the past in order to prepare for the future. Under the tutelage of fourth grade teacher Fritz Jackal an important lesson is being imparted to young minds about the downfall brought about by ignorance and the need to question authority.

Flashback to 2020, the year when the deadly SKNO virus was first discovered. It’s unprecedented contagiousness, gruesome symptomatology, and lethality initially appeared without warning, and for some time no discernible pattern could be found. Seamus Virkle, an astute, young, Harvard educated NIH intern operating out of a research facility in Jerusalem, is tasked with investigating epidemiological patterns associated with the virus. After countless hours of research, he discovers that the virus, with its vast proto-flagellum, is transmitted via shoelaces and accelerated by gunpowder.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, President Cain choosing not to believe the scientific facts and heed experts’ warnings, instead spouts slanderous rumors and openly disrespects his Nations’ experts, even when the warnings turn from dire, to horrifying. As other countries make immediate changes to curb the spread and eradicate the virus by switching to Velcro and banning guns, mass hysteria spreads throughout the US as the country is torn apart by protests, all while its death toll soars.

Fourth grade teacher, Fritz Jackal, warns his class and community as to the perils of ignoring the signs, and even though he loses his job as a result, his protests against the tyrannical government and its followers, inspire his former pupils to do the same.

Here is a story of how one opinion can make a difference, how the voice of the younger generation can overthrow the blind ignorance of generations past, and how, if left unchecked, chaos can burn through a nation like wildfire. Learn the lesson. Make the change.

By pitchstory

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